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Raku Wakaouji banner
Raku Wakaouji
Wakaouji Raku
Raku Wakaouji Twitter Icon
"Being an idol is troublesome after all."
Aliases Raku
White Beard
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 22
Blood Type B
Birthday August 20th
Height 5'9" or 176 cm
Weight 57 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit ArS
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Grandfather
Hobby Calligraphy
Fave Food Sōmen
LeastFave Food Manjū
• Portrayal•
CV Hirakawa Daisuke
Raku Wakaouji Signature
Image Gallery

Raku Wakaouji (若王子楽 Wakaouji Raku) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, ArS, who was the fourth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

Hikaru Orihara's childhood friend. Ever since they were young he would often poke fun at Hikaru. Always a condescending kind of guy, if he's not interested in it, he probably won't care about and won't do anything about it. He's a calligrapher who has been awarded many prizes. He's the most eccentric idol, but can do things as long as he tries. He’s on good enough terms with Akira Mitsurugi to go drinking with him when dispirited.

Interview Edit

  • Make a simple self-introduction.
    • "I'm Raku Wakaouji. My life is supposed to be only about writing calligraphy. *chuckles* ... But, well, it's fine as long as it's interesting."
  • How did you become an idol?
    • "Because I had a hunch that something interesting will happen. Well, as long as I keep my eyes on Hikaru, everything will be fine, right?"
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • "Hikaru had always been one who gave positive responses even when told sarcasms, and it always amused me each time. It's entertaining enough for me."

Personality Edit

Seemingly dispassionate and apathetic toward everything unrelated to calligraphy, Raku's heart is often compared to that of an old man's. He usually won't exert effort to do anything unless he finds that activity somewhat "interesting." However, Raku is also observant and possesses a witty tongue, and he will often put up good banters with people he thinks is worthy of his attention.

Appearance Edit

Raku is a man with long white hair often times tied up in a ponytail. He has thick white eyebrows with beady blue eyes and is frequently seen grinning.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Are you the woman who can entertain me? Play
Idolizing Hoo? Have you been charmed by me? Play
Regular I'm Raku Wakaouji. If you're interesting then we're okay! Play
Being an idol is troublesome. Play
Don't you have any interesting work, producer? Play
Do more interesting things and entertain me. Play
Looking at Torahiko makes me tired. Play
Kyosuke's clumsiness is a miracle. Play
Akio is a bit gloomy, so please be kind to him. Play
I usually go to the pub to drink sake with Shiki. He's my drinking buddy. Play
Hikaru is really a stupid kid… it makes me want to tease him. Play
Akira is interesting because he looks like he has something up his sleeve. Play
New Monthly Lines
January Listen, I accept you calling me a grandpa, but I won't give you New Year's money. Play
With the president's money the Third Generation is holding a "First calligraphy of the year" meeting. It seems I'm the judge. Play
February During cold days I'm restricted to drinking warm tea in my room. Play
This is chocolate I got from Hikaru. Even if you beg me, I won't give it to you. Play
September I have to watch over Shiki so that he doesn't drink too much Play
The full moon is like Hikaru Play
October Since Hikaru will wear an angel costume I'll be a demon. What do you think, does it fit? Play
A sports festival? It tires me out so I won't participate Play
November It became a season where it's hard to hold the writing brush. Play
Torahiko. I write characters, the India-ink is out of my field of expertise. Play
December I'm writing characters for the New Year cards. Play
We'll have a year-end party with Akira. Play
Old Monthly Lines
January Well now, I suppose I'll write something... 'as long as it's interesting, then I'm fine with it'! There. Play
Let's poke some fun at Hikaru. Looks like it'll be fun to draw circles and x-marks on his face. Play
February Ooi Hikaru! Won't you give some chocolate to me? Play
That Akio closed himself in his room again...I think I'll mock him a bit Play
March Hikaru! This is the thanks for the chocolate! It's a mirror where you don't look beautiful! Play
Pay attention to the pollen allergy ok? Play
April Should I stop teasing Hikaru...It's a lie. It's April Fool's after all. Play
When you look at cherry blossoms Kyosuke is the one that comes to mind. Surely even the inside of his head is pink Play
May I'm writing Koinobori's with my writing brush Play
It's still a bit too cold to wear a jinbei[1] Play
June You forgot your umbrella? If you want me to let you in then you gotta ask it cutely. Play
I don't really like it when it's so humid. Play
July I think I'll scribble something on Hikaru's tanzaku paper... Play
Ho hoo, festivals…it looks fun. Play
August Producer, it's my birthday tonight! Let's have fun together. Play
Producer, won't you prepare soumen for me? Play
September Gazing at the moon is a refined thing. Producer, how about we gaze at it together? Play
I can't eat manju... that's the only thing that I can't eat... Play
October Trick or Trick. That's not really wrong, isn't it? Play
How about it, Producer? Shall we go and watch the fall colors? Play
November It's an autumn of fine arts. As a calligrapher, I suppose I'll write a few lines. Play
I want to slowly pass time by reading. Which do you want to read together? Play
December Spending Christmas with Producer isn't bad either. Play
I'd like to be presented with something interesting... Play
Start Menu I-Chu! Play
Download All things come to those who wait. Play
Story You should choose your favorite story. Play
Main Story Are you wondering what chapter to choose?
Any history doesn't look interesting. Play
Love Story Love… it's a good thing to kill time isn't it? Play
I wish to be entertained. Come on choose. Play
Shop This is the shop. Play
Disk Purchase If there's something you want to buy then buy it.
Friend Friend's information… As I thought, it was here. Play
Other Trouble trouble… If you come here you might find the solution.
During Lives
R/RR Start It's troublesome, but let's go. Play
Skill Spare me from the troubles. Play
Interesting. Play
Fufu~ Play
Clear Good grief, it's bad for my wrists. Play
Affection Gain It's said that people hate what they really love. Play
SR/UR Start Let's expect that something interesting will happen. Play
Skill Kosho Kosho Kosho! Play
There, there, do your best. Play
It doesn't worth much. Play
Clear Too bad. It's ending already. Play
Affection Gain You're a fun woman to mess with. Play
LE/GR Start It's fine as long as I dance like how I let my brush dance, right? Play
Skill What a whimsical woman. Play
You should just watch from over there. Play
Shall I teach you... thoroughly? Play
Clear Hm~ that was quite interesting. Play
Affection Gain Entertain me mo~re. Play


  1. A jinbei, sometimes referred to as hippari, is a kind of traditional Japanese clothing worn by men, women, boys, girls, and even babies during the summer. Women's jinbei have started to become popular in recent years.

Raku Wakaouji

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