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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Raku Wkaouji

Hmm? Ah, forgive me. I splashed my ink on you, it seems.
However, this is your own fault too, for coming to my side while I am writing this huge brush.
I have already heard about you from the others--So you are our new producer?
You sure are a strange young lady, for wanting to deal with an odd and unruly group like us.
Well, as long as I enjoy myself I don't mind. Do as you like.
Hehe......I'm quite excited though. Now, shall put all of these feelings into my next stroke?

Initial R/RR On And Off
Second Batch R/RR Cute teaser
Initial SR/UR Leisurely and slowly
Part-time Job SR/UR Got skillfull with the shaker
Second Batch SR/UR The opposite of a teaser
Pool SR/UR The calligrapher's summer
Hot Springs SR/UR True intentions and a warning
Gods of fortune SR/UR Dignity of japanese clothes?!
Initial LE/GR Raku being serious!?
Art Appreciation LE/GR Always Side-by-Side
It's sho Time! LE/GR It's sho time
1st Anniversary LE/GR A one-time message
Circus LE/GR A warmth yearned for
New Year 2017 LE/GR The warmth is stronger than god

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