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Impressions of my works? Even though I don't need them since I just write freely.
Seiya I like them because they have vigor!
Kanata Rakkun looks very happy when writing~
Akira No comment. [1]
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Sometimes he writes difficult characters that I can't read.
Mutsuki It's awesome how you can write such beautiful characters…
Noah They're wonderful works….
Leon I don't understand what you write at all but there's vigor in your works and it's great!
Chaoyang What a magnificent stroke...!
Rabi I admire Japanese arts.
Lucas I like his works.
Torahiko I don't understand what he wrote, but they're cool~
Kyosuke Someday, I want to have Rakkun write the title of my manga!
Akio I think they're vigorous...
Shiki Not only Raku-kun himself, but even his works are manly~
Hikaru I'm really lucky to have such a wonderful childhood friend like Raku!
Kokoro I don't understand what you write~
Runa His penmanship is full of wisdom. I want to get better at it like Raku-san does.
Momosuke I'm envious since it's such a beautiful penmanship. Momo wants to have a beautiful penmanship too!
Issei I haven't done penmanship lessons since elementary school so I don't really understand it...
Futami They're really imposing! A great difference from me~
Takamichi He's not only good at calligraphy, but his penmanship is also amazing...
Eva I feel the presence of a powerful soul from his writing. He's quite capable for a human.
Mio Hey, hey. Write this for me. Something great will come out from this magic square ♪
Ban It's neater than my writings!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki His writings are lively. I can't believe it just from looking at how he usually acts.
Toya What a polished, beautiful writing. I'd like to be taught too, next time.
Tatsumi I quite like them!
Aoi How nice... The way he handles his brush. It fascinates me.
Kuro Heeeh... The characters are nice.
Saku I wish you would write on the back of my coat "Producer-chan Love"~
Baber The characters are beautiful and nice~ But I hate kanji's....

You, what's your weight? Mine is, if I'm not wrong… 57 kg.
Seiya 63 kg!
Kanata It's 49 kg.
Akira 68 kg.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki 54 kg!
Mutsuki It's 53 kg. One kilogram less than Satsuki.
Noah 58 kg.
Leon 59 kg! It's because I train.
Chaoyang 50 kg.
Rabi 67 kg.
Lucas 64 kg.
Torahiko 59 kg!
Kyosuke 50 kg!
Akio 48 kg...
Shiki 61 kg. Ah, I don't have body fat, though?
Hikaru 52 kg!
Kokoro Asking a maiden her weight? Impossible!
Runa 47 kg. I'm pretty light-weighted.
Momosuke 44 kg... Don't say that I'm heavier than Kokoro-chan!
Issei 64 kg.
Futami 61 kg. But I feel a bit thin~
Takamichi 58 kg. No one would like to see me looking plump, right?
Eva 46 kg. My real self weights much more than that, so don't let your guard down.
Mio Stupid, stupid! Don't ask me such thing, geez! ... 45 kg.
Ban 50 kg!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki 64 kg.
Toya 53 kg. I often feel embarrassed because my training is lacking...
Tatsumi 62 kg. I need to put on more weight and be a bit more muscular.
Aoi 55 kg.
Kuro 61 kg.
Saku 68 kg. I have been exercising a lot for Producer-chan.
Baber 68 kg. Pretty heavy, you know?

With what animal would you compare yourself? A dragon, for example? Just kidding.
Seiya How about a fire phoenix?
Kanata Hmm. Maybe the hedgehog? I resemble the timid part.
Akira Black panther, maybe? Their color is black, that's why.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I have been told by Mutsuki I act like a monkey sometimes.
Mutsuki I said to Satsuki that he looked like a monkey in the past, so I don't mind being called a monkey too.
Noah If I would compare myself to an animal… What do you think of the peacock?
Leon Maybe the dog?
Chaoyang Well… A cat maybe?
Rabi Maybe the bear. I have a big body after all.
Lucas The wolf. For some reason or another.
Torahiko If I would be compared to an animal it would be the tiger! Because my name is Torahiko! Nishishi! [2]
Kyosuke Ehm… Maybe a small dog.
Akio …. Maybe a timid mouse.
Shiki Me? Maybe a wolf that eats little kittens.
Hikaru It's difficult to compare myself to an animal but… Maybe the swan?
Kokoro Maybe a cat? Nyan!
Runa Animal, is it? Prairie dogs are cute, so let's settle with that!
Momosuke If I were to compare myself to an animal... Maybe hamster or squirrel?
Issei Go imagine it yourself.
Futami The sloth is good!
Takamichi Futami once told me that I'm like an alpaca, but we don't look alike at all!
Eva An animal suitable of someone with a noble mind like me... Does such a thing even exist in this world?
Mio Me? A little devil, maybe? It's similar to an animal, right?
Ban People often say that I'm like a dog!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Animal, huh... How about a sabre-toothed tiger? Cool, aren't they?
Toya Erh, because I'm a carefree person, how about a capybara?
Tatsumi Like a dog, maybe? Toya once said that I'm like a Shiba dog.
Aoi Peacock. Beautiful, isn't it?
Kuro An animal, huh... I don't really know for myself.
Saku Lion. My hairstyle reminds of that, right?
Baber Since Baber is big... The ostrich maybe~

Notes Edit

  1. He says it in english.
  2. "Tora" means tiger

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