Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Raku does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Raku Let's see, I'll teach you some proverbs. Do you want to learn yojijukugo's? File:Raku-Seiya Q.ogg
Seiya Really?! Ah, but Akira told me to not listen to you.... File:Raku-Seiya A.ogg
Akira Mitsurugi
Raku Akira, if there's anything worrying you I'll listen. I'm older than you after all. File:Raku-Akira Q.ogg
Akira I wish you would stop treating me like someone younger only on times like this... But thank you. File:Raku-Akira A.ogg
Kanata Minato
Raku Here, I wrote "Rabirabi" with my calligraphy. File:Raku-Kanata Q.ogg
Kanata Incredible...! A Rabirabi written with such skillful writing! It's cool! File:Raku-Kanata A.ogg

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Raku You're so energetic every day. That's impossible to me. File:Raku-Satsuki Q.ogg
Satsuki Let's do some pranks together, Waka-sama! I'll be your teacher! File:Raku-Satsuki A.ogg
Mutsuki Kururugi
Raku Mutsuki, I'm glad your physical condition became better. Illnesses are something scary... File:Raku-Mutsuki Q.ogg
Mutsuki Yes, but I'm glad I was the only one with a weak body. File:Raku-Mutsuki A.ogg


Raku In Japan it's common manners to drink milk right after finishing a bath. File:Raku-Noah Q.ogg
Noah What?! I didn't know there was a manner like that... File:Raku-Noah A.ogg
Raku You're a really good kid Leon. Here, sweets for you. File:Raku-Leon Q.ogg
Leon Yay! Thank you! *munch munch* It's delicious! File:Raku-Leon A.ogg
Raku Your writing is skillful. As expected of a Chinese person. File:Raku-Chaoyang Q.ogg
Chaoyang No no.... Raku-san's writing is way more beautiful... File:Raku-Chaoyang A.ogg
Raku You may look like an adult, but you're still a kid. Rely on the adults too. File:Raku-Rabi Q.ogg
Rabi Ahaha, thank you. If I'm troubled I'll consult you maybe. File:Raku-Rabi A.ogg
Raku Why do you think peaches have that color? It seems they've been dyed with the blood of Momotarou who was inside. File:Raku-Lucas Q.ogg
Lucas What?! Peaches had such a secret... I don't want to eat them anymore.. File:Raku-Lucas A.ogg


Torahiko Kusakabe
Raku Torahiko, long time no see. Tell me about your journey. File:Raku-Torahiko Q.ogg
Torahiko Oh, alright! I was thinking that I wanted to talk to you too! File:Raku-Torahiko A.ogg
Kyosuke Momoi
Raku Kyosuke, do you have that with you today? I'm really curious to know how it continues. File:Raku-Kyosuke Q.ogg
Kyosuke I'm not your weekly magazine! But I have it! Here! File:Raku-Kyosuke A.ogg
Akio Tobikura
Raku Akio, I have some sweets. Take them. File:Raku-Akio Q.ogg
Akio Tonkatsu-flavored cheap sweets...! I'm happy... Thank you... File:Raku-Akio A.ogg
Shiki Amabe
Raku I'm the only one in ArS who can spoil you. File:Raku-Shiki Q.ogg
Shiki You're really meddlesome on that part. But you're also reliable. File:Raku-Shiki A.ogg
Hikaru Orihara
Raku Hikaru, they gave me this hairpin as present but I don't use it. You can have it. File:Raku-Hikaru Q.ogg
Hikaru It's beautiful, but I think it would look even better in your hair. I'll put it on you! File:Raku-Hikaru A.ogg


Kokoro Hanabusa
Raku Your writing is really round. This isn't really used in calligraphy. File:Raku-Kokoro Q.ogg
Kokoro Since Kokoro-chan is cute, the writing has to be cute too! It's the writing of an idol ♪ File:Raku-Kokoro A.ogg
Runa Kagurazaka
Raku Are you interested in this Japanese room too? It's the perfect place to slack off. File:Raku-Runa Q.ogg
Runa Japanese rooms help you calm down. But slacking off in the afternoon isn't good. File:Raku-Runa A.ogg
Momosuke Oikawa
Raku So the one who always leaves flowers in the Japanese room was you. File:Raku-Momosuke Q.ogg
Momosuke Yes! The room looked so sad so I left some flowers there! File:Raku-Momosuke A.ogg


Issei Todoroki
Raku Todoroki, let's drink some sake together sometimes. Introduce me the bar where you go. File:Raku-Issei Q.ogg
Issei Are you a strong drinker? I won't take care of someone drunk. File:Raku-Issei A.ogg
Futami Akabane
Raku What, so you knew the manners of tea ceremony too? You don't look like that. File:Raku-Futami Q.ogg
Futami My parents' house was like that after all~ It seems I've ended up learning it even though I didn't want to. File:Raku-Futami A.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin
Raku Oh, your writing is quite nice too... File:Raku-Takamichi Q.ogg
Takamichi I've practiced penmanship when I was a kid, so I'm confident in my skills. File:Raku-Takamichi A.ogg


Eva Armstrong
Raku Seeing how different you are makes me think that it's fine for me to stay the way I am. File:Raku-Eva Q.ogg
Eva There is no need to worry about the others. I am I, and you are you. File:Raku-Eva A.ogg
Mio Yamanobe
Raku Yamanobe, your face is cute, but your hobby is really bad... Such a waste. File:Raku-Mio Q.ogg
Mio Are you making fun of me again?! I'll definitely curse you so be prepared! File:Raku-Mio A.ogg
Ban Jumonji
Raku Here, the calligraphy of "Set meal with grilled meat" that you asked. File:Raku-Ban Q.ogg
Ban Wooah! Such skillful writin'! I get hungry just by lookin' at it! File:Raku-Ban A.ogg

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Raku Rindo, shall we have some tea together? I was wondering if you would keep me company if you had some time. File:Raku-Tsubaki Q.ogg
Tsubaki Are you really the same age as Toya? It feels like I'm talking to a grandpa. File:Raku-Tsubaki A.ogg
Toya Honoki
Raku There's this rumor that you're really scary when angry. What's the truth? File:Raku-Toya Q.ogg
Toya Tsubaki is the one that spread those rumors, right? Though I don't think I really look that scary....? File:Raku-Toya A.ogg
Tatsumi Madarao
Raku Madarao, don't ya have a souvenir from your temple visits? File:Raku-Tatsumi Q.ogg
Tatsumi I bought some dangos! Let's eat them together! File:Raku-Tatsumi A.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata
Raku What do you talk about with Hikaru? You often end up having conversations after all. File:Raku-Aoi Q.ogg
Aoi We talk about beauty. Sometimes Hikaru gets too excited so I have to stop him. File:Raku-Aoi A.ogg


Kuro Yakaku
Raku Humans become exhausted with such personality, ya know? File:Raku-Kuro Q.ogg
Kuro You're meddling too much! Don't treat me like a kid! File:Raku-Kuro A.ogg
Saku Uruha
Raku A stalker came! An interesting I-Chu joined us! File:Raku-Saku Q.ogg
Saku Thank you for the compliment ♪ File:Raku-Saku A.ogg
Raku Anpan needs milk, right? File:Raku-Baber Q.ogg
Baber Milk... No, I hate it! File:Raku-Baber A.ogg

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