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Producer: Huh? I was sure that that room over there was the principal’s private room…
Producer: I wonder who’s in there. The door’s open.
Producer: Uwah! What is all of this!? Calligraphy…?
Raku being serious 1 (1)
Raku: Mmm.
Producer: So you were the one in here, Wakaouji-kun. Why are you sleeping in a place like this, and in a pile of papers!?
Raku: Yaaawn~… You sure are noisy. You don’t have to be so loud for me to hear you.
Producer: If you can hear me so well, then get up and clean all of this up right now!
Raku: Hm–? That’d be kind of a pain to do.
Producer: No, it wouldn’t be. God…
Raku being serious 1 (2)
Raku: Sigh–… I’m still tired, y'know. What time is it?
Producer: It’s already past 1 PM.
Raku: I see… Then I can keep sleeping.
Producer: Don’t give me that! What are you planning to do about your classes this afternoon?
Raku: I thought I remembered telling you that I make a point to go to classes that actually matter. It’s nothing to worry about.
Raku: Zzz…
Producer: Ugh… I guess I can’t do anything about this.
Producer: (There are characters written on every piece of paper in this room. …Could he have been doing calligraphy in here this whole time…?)
Producer: (If I look closely, I can see that he’s got bags under his eyes. He was engrossed in his work until he got that tired.)
Producer: (And there are so many different kinds of pieces in here. That does kind of seem like something Wakaouji-kun would do…)
Raku: Nn~
Producer: !?
Raku: Zzz...
Producer: (…I’ll just clean things up in the meantime.)
Producer: Phew… I guess that this is good enough. At least I got together the brunt of the papers…
Raku being serious 1 (3)
Raku: What, are you done already?
Producer: Wakaouji-kun… If you’ve been awake this whole time, then couldn’t you have helped me out?
Raku: Why would I do that?
Producer: …Well, whatever. Now look, since I helped you clean up, you’d better go to your afternoon classes.
Raku being serious 1 (4)
Raku: You’re such so meddlesome with all of your chitter-chatter. I really like that about you.
Producer: That sounds to me like you more so find it convenient for yourself, rather than like that aspect of me.
Raku: Kuku, way to twist my words. Am I starting to rub off on you?
Producer: That doesn’t make me happy at all!
Raku: How cruel.


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