Rara Arisugawa
有栖川ララ, Arisugawa Rara
Rara Arisugawa
Girl? Crossdressing iKids!
Age 5
Birthday August 24th
Blood Type O
Height 104 cm
Weight 13 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill
Fave Food
LeastFave Food
Looks up to Baber
Group baby hop



Rara Arisugawa N (Doukoku no Babel no tou) Rara Arisugawa N (Tamayura Scarlet) Rara Arisugawa N

Character LinesEdit

Rara is Rara Arisugawa and twins with Mimi.
Baber-kun is so, so tall, and it got Rara really scared!
The clothes of Rara get decided by Mama and Mimi.
Rara heard Haruto-kun is a detective. That's amazing.
Since Mimi is so cute, Rara is worried that he might get kidnapped.
Story Please choose your favorite story.
Main Story You can get lost trying to pick a part.
Excited to see how it will continue.
Love Story Please read your favorite!
Shop Rara helps you carrying the things.
Disk Purchase Rara will buy a present for Mimi too.
Friends Friends are important! You have Rara too.
Other Looks like you can do a lot of things here.

Affection StoryEdit

Searching for someone lost

Rara Arisugawa - Searching for someone lost (1)
Rara: Ooh, where did Mimi go...?
Rara: Miss, have you seen Mimi?
Rara: Mimi is Rara's twin and little brother.
Rara: ... yes, brother? Ehehe, Rara and Mimi are both boys.
Rara: There still wasn't a self-introduction. Rara is Rara Arisugawa. Nice to meet you, Miss.
Rara: If you would like, you could help searching for Mimi--
Rara: Ah, there! Mimi-!
Rara: Mimi has been found! Thank you for talking, Miss!

Snow and fluff

Rara Arisugawa - Snow and fluff (1)
Rara: Uwaah... look, Miss. It's snowing!
Rara: It was raining until earlier... Wonder since when it changed to snow.
Rara: Rara likes snow a lot more than rain. It's fluffy and cold, but despite that, it gets warm.
Rara: Why does Rara think like that? Do you know, Miss?
Rara: When you found out the answer, please tell Rara too. Let's hurry to the studio now!
Rara Arisugawa - Snow and fluff (2)
Rara: How is it, Miss?
Rara: It's the same costume as Baber-san's, it's really cool!
Rara: Rara never expected the day he would wear this costume would come. Rara really wanted to show it to Baber-san too.
Rara: Ah, I'm sure Mimi wants to come with us too!
Rara: So please bring Mimi along as well next time.

Strolling season

Rara Arisugawa - Strolling season (1)
Rara: Runrunrun... Ah, hello, Miss. Going for a walk right now.
Rara: After all autumn is the perfect season for taking walks.
Rara: Rara loves taking a walk while watching the scenery. Mimi is always immediately running around.
Rara: Speaking of Mimi, he ran away chasing a cat earlier.
Rara: Would you like to take a walk with me then, Miss?
Rara Arisugawa - Strolling season (2)
Rara: Rara is eager having to dance to not lose to a cool stage...
Rara: Since Rara is wearing the same outfit as Baber-san, Rara will become naturally cool.
Rara: Since Rara went on a lot of walks, he became stronger too. It seems like Rara will be able to happily dance with Mimi until the end.
Rara: Rara will move around a lot on the stage like Baber-san! So please watch, okay!

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It's Rara's and Mimi's birthday! Please celebrate a lot. ♪
Mimi Thank you for everything. Rara loves you, Mimi.
Baber Baber-kun, Happy birthday! I love you. ♪
Producer It's your birthday? What present would you like.


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