Reminiscent meteor shower 1 (1)
Issei: I'm tired....You went overboard with dragging me around places just because you couldn't decide on what to buy
Producer: I've been apologizing since earlier for that. And I'm even treating you to dinner like this
Issei: Why are you trying to brush it off with that. You have to at least say thanks
Producer: ......Thank you
Reminiscent meteor shower 1 (2)
Issei: Say it again with a more grateful voice
Producer: ....You're persistent you know?
Reminiscent meteor shower 1 (3)
Issei: Tsk....Man, you really are...Well nevermind. So? Why did you do it?
Producer: Didn't I tell you the reason as soon as we met? I wanted to search for a present together with you since a relative of mine will have his birthday soon
Issei: I heard that. But don't you even understand what men like even though you're surrounded by them at work
Producer: No, I don't. Since my job is to understand what makes their fans happy
Issei: Hmph, so it's like that
Producer: Yes, it's like that
Reminiscent meteor shower 1 (4)
Issei: Still, the fact that you dragged me with you when we met by chance to buy stuff makes me wonder, you know?
Producer: That's because your timing was perfect....Was I being a trouble perhaps?
Issei: No, not really
Issei: If I considered it troublesome I wouldn't be accompanying you like this in the first place
Producer: Ahaha! That's like you
Issei: [name]
Issei: Do you remember it? Ehm...
Producer: Hm? It's unusual for you to be hesitant like this. Is there something you want to ask me?
Issei: Tsk! It's nothing
Producer: You're a strange one, Todoroki-kun....
Issei: Shut up. More importantly--
Issei: Are you in a good relationship with that relative of yours?
Producer: Eh? Well when it comes to that....He's been helping me since the past. But why did you ask?
Issei: ....No reason in particular

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