Producer: Todoroki-kun? Where are you going? The way home isn't here...
Reminiscent meteor shower 2 (1)
Issei: You're getting annoying. I accompanied you through all your shopping so now it's your turn to follow me
Producer: ....I don't have any problems with it, but where are we going?
Issei: Just be silent and follow me
Reminiscent meteor shower 2 (2)
Issei: sigh....I wanna smoke a cigarette...
Producer: Didn't you stop it after entering the company?
Issei: I did. Do I look like I'm smoking now?
Producer: ....But I have some mint gums though, do you want?
Producer: Also....why the park?
Reminiscent meteor shower 2 (3)
Issei: I went to see the stars a lot when I was a kid
Producer: So you were a romanticist when you were young
Issei: Not really. Though, we went stargazing together too in the past
Producer: Ah, how nostalgic! That time we went all together right? It was really fun
Producer: I remember that Akabane-kun mistook the telescope and tried to see the stars with binoculars instead. And then he was saying "I can't see the stars at all~!"
Issei: He was an idiot even at that time
Producer: Ahaha...But, when I saw the stars with Sanzenin-kun's telescope the first time I was really moved
Issei: And then you stayed all night to watch the meteor shower
Reminiscent meteor shower 2 (4)
Issei: You talked about it yourself, right?
Issei: When we arrived there wasn't any meteor shower, so you stayed all night to search for it
Producer: That's because I wanted to see it....But in the end there wasn't any meteor shower
Reminiscent meteor shower 2 (5)
Issei: (I don't think at that time you had the habit to look at the sky once the season was like this)
Producer: ...Those days I had the time to search for shooting stars without knowing if I would see them or not
Producer: Now I'm so busy that I don't have time anymore to look up at the sky
Producer: That might just be what it means to be an adult, but it’s still makes me feel kind of sad and lonely…
Issei: .....
Issei: You're really....
Reminiscent meteor shower 2 (6)
Issei: Hey, it's cold so come and sit closer
Producer: Eh? U-uwah?!
Producer: H-hold on a sec! Why are you hugging me!?
Issei: You're loud. Shut up you heating pad
Producer: What was that!?
Issei Look, it’s fine, so just be quiet…
Issei: (....It's you fault for saying such lonely stuff even though I'm this close to you)

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