Reminiscent of Summer 1 (1)
Noah: So this is a yukata…
Producer: Huh? Is this your first time wearing a yukata, Noah-kun?
Noah: No, I’ve used it lots of times as a stage costume, but it’s my first time wearing a plain colored one like this.
Producer: Plain colored… yukata is something like this, you know.
Reminiscent of Summer 1 (2)
Noah: Yes, it seems so. Even so, when Japanese youngsters are compared, why do the boys do not use yukata as much as girls, I wonder?
Producer: …Come to think of it, yeah. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because they don’t have much interest in it. Because it’s just as you’ve said, Noah-kun, it’s plain.
Noah: I heard from Seiya that this kind of thing is refined and cool, but… do Japanese people not feel so?
Producer: Maybe so? But it looks really cool when you wear it, Noah-kun.
Reminiscent of Summer 1 (3)
Noah: Does that mean you’re also implicitly implying that it’s because I’m cool?
Producer: There’s no, such intention…
Noah: I see. That’s a shame.
Producer: Don’t tell me you’re teasing me again…?
Noah: Fufu! I have no such intentions. More than that…
Producer: Wah…!
Reminiscent of Summer 1 (4)
Noah: Why are you not in a yukata?
Producer: M- Me? That’s because I’m in the middle of working…
Noah: If you say that, then I’m in the middle of working too, right? I don’t want to listen to such excuses.
Producer: …I’ll wear it next time, okay.
Reminiscent of Summer 1 (5)
Noah: That means, you’re going to come to a summer festival with me again like this? ——not including working.
Producer: Uu… that way of asking, isn’t it sly?
Noah: It’s not sly. It’s the end result of putting together your speech.
Producer: …It’s time to go soon.
Noah: Are you intending to evade the question?
Producer: No, it’s really time.
Noah: What time?
Producer: You’ll understand if you go.


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