Ren Kashiwagi
柏木蓮, Kashiwagi Ren
Ren Kashiwagi
The cool iKids!
"Ren Kashiwagi. Chatting isn't really my forte, so just like Lucas, I feel calmer when I'm with a quiet person..."
Age 11
Birthday May 13th
Blood Type O
Height 142 cm
Weight 31 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Batting
Fave Food Fried chicken
LeastFave Food Kamaboko
Looks up to Lucas
Group sweet step


The iKid with a cool character. He is unaware that he is popular amongst girls. Jimpachi and Mao are on good terms with him.


Ren Kashiwagi N (Conte de fées) Ren Kashiwagi N (Poison×Poisson) Ren Kashiwagi N

Character LinesEdit

Ren Kashiwagi. Chatting isn't my forte, but I hope you'll take care of me.
I'm looking over all fan letters that reach the agency.
I admire Lucas as he's a senior who can compose songs. I have to do my best too.
Tatsuomi-san worries too much about his height.
Mao and Jimpachi often call me "ladies' man" but what's the deal with that?
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Affection StoryEdit

Popular boy

Ren Kashiwagi - Popular boy (1)
Ren: ... Are you from this school?
Ren: I'm Ren Kashiwagi. I came to search for two missing children.
Ren: I'd be glad if you would help me search. I think perhaps we'll find them soon then.
Ren: They're a bunch of noisy guys. They drag me around and then immediately start running away.
Ren: Well, that's how it is, so that's why I'm searching for them. ... After all, I can't just leave them alone.
Ren: But even though they're annoying sometimes, they're still my friends.
Ren: ... Why are you laughing? Did I say something funny?
Ren: Sigh... You're also one of those people that I don't understand well. ... Well, whatever. I'm used to talking to people like that.
Ren: Besides that, I don't dislike you.
Ren: ... Just now, I heard Jimpachi's and Mao's voices. They're over there. Let's go.

My stage

Ren Kashiwagi - My stage (1)
Ren: I'm sure you're the person I met at the school the other day. What are you doing here?
Ren: I'm participating as a back dancer on the stage.... Could it be that you belong to the staff?
Ren: If you belong to the staff, you can bring me to the waiting room. There are a lot of people here... Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm lost.
Ren Kashiwagi - My stage (2)
Ren: I finally calmed down. By the way, how long do you plan on being here? Is it okay if you don't go back to work?
Ren: You wanted to see me in my costume...? You could've seen it as much as you like when I'm on the stage.
Ren: I don't need such obvious flattery as calling me cute.
Ren: However, just this once you get my thanks. ... This is the first time someone has praised this cotume.
Ren: Today I'll dance in the back of the admirable Lucas. If you are free make sure to watch. See you.

Your secret

Ren Kashiwagi - Your secret (1)
Ren: Good morning. ... Oh, a somewhat delicious smell comes out of this waiting room.
Ren: You ate something here? But it smells different from a bento...
Ren: Don't dodge the question. You definitely ate something. You have the same face as Jimpachi and Mao when they secretly sneak in a bite.
Ren: Well, never mind... Actually I'm was little nervous because I'm standing on the same stage with Lucas.
Ren: But when I saw your dumbfounded face, my nervousness seems to have gone somewhere else too.
Ren: I mean, I didn't really receive anything from you, but can I thank you at a time like this?
Ren: ... I need to quickly change clothes and practise the bass.
Ren Kashiwagi - Your secret (2)
Ren: The performance is very soon... Pray for me too, so I won't fail.
Ren: Because I've been practising a lot, I must show the results.
Ren: I want to become an iKids that gets recognized by Lucas. ... Keep this a secret from the others.

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own You knew about my birthday? Thanks for going out of your way to congratulate me...
Tatsuomi What present should I give to Tatsuomi-san? I wonder if milk is okay?
Lucas I'm giving Lucas a book that he seemed to want as a present...
Producer Happy birthday. I have to prepare a present.


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