Rikka Kiyomiya
清宮六花, Kiyomiya Rikka
Rikka Kiyomiya
The nihilistic iKids!
Age 11
Birthday October 26th
Blood Type B
Height 141 cm
Weight 30 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Experiments
Fave Food Twice cooked meat
LeastFave Food Sesame
Looks up to Runa Kagurazaka
Group sweet step


He has a cool outward appearance, but is actually quite friendly. If there is something he doesn’t know, he calls it an “experiment” and inspects it.


Rikka Kiyomiya N (Tsuigeki! Killer Sniper) Rikka Kiyomiya N (Yuugana mujintou e youkoso) Rikka Kiyomiya N

Character LinesEdit

Rikka Kiyomiya. Second son of the Kiyomiya family. Are you interested in me?
Runa-san looks interested in experiments too... I'm glad I found a friend!
Gin-nii always supports us.
I'm sorry if Kota caused you trouble...
Fu fu fu. I see now... What is it? I'm in the middle of experimenting, you know?
Story Hm... let's see what kind of a story it is and make a report to summarize it!
Main Story Which chapter do you want to experiment on?
Won't you tell me in details your reason for choosing this story?
Love Story Love story? This is an unknown domain to me! Please, by all means, let's test it out!
Let's begin the experiment of love!
Shop It's the shop. I'm interested in what you want to buy!
Disk Purchase Tell me how many discs do you plan to buy!
Friends Let's summarize what kind of friends that you tend to have through experiments!
Other There are many items available for choose, huh. Which should we look at first?

Affection StoryEdit

The boy that loves experiments

Rikka Kiyomiya - The boy that loves experiments (1)
Rikka: How strange. I believed he went definitely this way...
Rikka: Uhm, have you seen a surprisingly rude boy around this area? I'm sure that's our little brother...
Rikka: I'm Rikka Kiyomiya. I'm looking for my brother Kota. I lost sight of him during an experiment...
Rikka: Ah, I call it an experiment. Well, I was verifying his habit to escape. Or should I say I was planning to find out his tendency.
Rikka: This guy is always in disarray, but I think there is definitely a rule to it.
Rikka: Knowing it would make it easier, right? Searching for him every time is difficult.
Rikka: For some reason, I feel like there is a tendency he disappears right before I head towards to wherever he was before!
Rikka: I see.. It's okay if you didn't see him. If he's not this way, I'll come looking that way. Maybe I should find him.
Rikka: Huh? You want to help searching? Why? I don't feel like leaving our brother to others...
Rikka: But it's okay to just worry. Me and Gin-nii will figure out the rest.

Fun experiments

Rikka Kiyomiya - Fun experiment (1)
Rikka: ... Hm? What's wrong? This? Aah, I'm in the middle of an experiment. You'll understand if you look at it.
Rikka: I can't hold back when I'm curious. When I can't inspect something I don't understand, I won't be able to calm down.
Rikka: ... If you put this and this together... It becomes this color, as expected.
Rikka: Learning the solution to things throughly, the things I don't understand... I think about those.
Rikka: To see things with an even broader perspective... Like Runa-san.
Rikka Kiyomiya - Fun experiment (2)
Rikka: The same costume as Runa-san... How, how is it? Does it suit me?
Rikka: The fact that I can wear this makes me more excited than I thought, it turned out to be a good feeling.
Rikka: I'm not yet able to do beautiful movements like Runa-san, but I'll definitely be useful nevertheless.
Rikka: For the purpose of my research, I have inspected them perfectly too.
Rikka: That's why... you should look at my efforts properly too. You absolutely have to.

Research results

Rikka Kiyomiya - Research results (1)
Rikka: What. It's just you... Because I heard a voice, I hurried over here, thinking I could finally meet a ghost.
Rikka: What I'm doing? I'm working on this summer's research project. I decided on the topic "Do ghosts exist?".
Rikka: Runa-san told me that he had a mysterious experience the other day.
Rikka: I don't believe in ghosts, but if Runa-san says so, I thought it can't hurt to try to research them.
Rikka: If I come to a conclusion, I can tell you.
Rikka Kiyomiya - Research results (2)
Rikka: Today I'm shining brightly like Runa-san too, right?
Rikka: It's not only because of the costume, but I think the results of the occult research are helping me get closer to Runa-san too.
Rikka: Hm? What my research results were? That's...
Rikka: Still a secret! Well, I can tell you just a little bit.

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own My birthday… Tell me about your current feelings. This is an experiment too…
Ginga For Gin-nii I’ll do anything! Gin-nii, congratulations!
Runa Since it's Runa-san's birthday I will report the results I've gathered during this year!
Producer Happy Birthday! Your experimental results will be your present from me.


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