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Producer: Oh? That’s Jumonji-kun being swarmed by children over there, isn’t it? I wonder what he’s doing…?
Rondo of a clown 1 (1)
Ban: Okay, now I’ll show you guys the trick that’s my hidden specialty!
Little girl: Uwah, I can’t wait!
Little boy: Onii-chan, hurry up, hurry up!
Rondo of a clown 1 (2)
Ban: Ahaha, you shouldn’t rush me like that. I’ve gotta focus all of my energy on this… A one, and a two–!
Ban: There!
Little girl: Awesome-! Onii-chan, you’re so good at this!
Ban: That’s not the part that’ll surprise ya! Hey, you over there in the blue scarf! I want ya to throw me the ball that’s down there!
Little boy: You mean this?
Ban: Yup, that’s the one! Just kinda… toss it at me like this!
Rondo of a clown 1 (3)
Ban: Wa-wah! That soon!? But I guess that’s no problem-!
Little girl: Wow… Now he’s throwing four balls instead of five!
Ban: Phew… I did pretty good for something so unexpected ★ How was that? Aren’t I pretty cool?
Boys and girls: So cool!!
Rondo of a clown 1 (4)
Ban: Thank ya!!
Ban: Be careful goin’ home, now–! Come back to play any time ya want–!
Boys and girls: See you later–!
Rondo of a clown 1 (5)
Ban: Hehe, what cuties. Now then, guess I should start practicin’, huh?
Producer: You’re still practicing?
Rondo of a clown 1 (6)
Ban: Of course! I was only warmin’ up just no— Hey, if it ain’t the producer!
Producer: What a coincidence for us to run into each other here.
Rondo of a clown 1 (7)
Ban: Why’re you here!? Or should I say, where were you watchin’ me from…?
Producer: I could see you really well from that bench over there. Your juggling show, I mean.
Ban: I can’t believe you could see that… Or, what I mean is! I wish you would’ve told me that you were watchin’ sooner!
Producer: …Why?
Rondo of a clown 1 (8)
Ban: What do ya mean? Obviously since it’s been a while since we’ve ran into each other.
Producer: …Hmm, now that you say that, I guess it may have been a while?
Ban: Not “may have been”, it has! I’ve been really lonely not seein’ you.
Producer: Ahaha! Well then, should I give you some sweets if you’re feeling like that?
Ban: Eh!? Seriously? Yay–!


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