Rondo of a clown 2 (1)
Ban: Mmm–! This candy is really good–! I feel like I could eat a million of ‘em… Ah, Producer, do you want some, too?
Producer: No, I’m good. I feel like watching you eat is enough to make my stomach full.
Ban: …But Producer, that’s just your imagination!
Producer: Yeah, I know.
Ban: Guess that’s fine if you’re okay with that…
Ban: Nah. I’m still gonna give the last bite to you!
Producer: Eh? Really, I’m fine. The last bite’s a special thing, isn’t it? So you should have it, okay?
Rondo of a clown 2 (2)
Ban: I’m givin’ it to you because it’s special!
Ban: Here! Say “ahh”–!
Producer: A-All right! A-Ahh…
Ban: How is it?
Producer: Delicious! Thanks, Jumonji-kun.
Ban: Hehe! Food’s still yummy when you eat by yourself, but it’s even better when it’s eaten with others!
Producer: Ahaha! You really do love to eat. I wonder if I should write that in your profile?
Producer: “Special skills: Other than juggling, eating”
Rondo of a clown 2 (3)
Ban: Oh, that’d be good! Although even though I do love to eat–
Ban: –That isn’t my only specialty! My singing and dancing won’t lose out in comparison to even Eva-sama and Mio!
Ban: And to prove it… Here, Producer, watch this, please!
Ban: A magnificent turn here, and a perfect smile!
Ban: How was that? I’ve been practicin’ that turn a whole lot while you’ve been away!
Producer: Pfft, ahahaha!
Rondo of a clown 2 (4)
Ban: Wh-Why’re you laughin’!?
Producer: B-Because… There’s no way I couldn’t laugh at you just bursting into a dance out of nowhere, and looking so proud of yourself…!
Ban: Ehh!? And even though I’d thought I’d finally gotten the legendary “Idol Smile” down just right!!
Producer: “I-Idol Smile”…!
Ban: Ahh, come on! You’re laughin’ too much!!
Ban: Haah, my stomach hurts… I was laughing as hard as I could, laughing way too much~
Ban: Even though that’s not what I’d intended to have happen at all…
Producer: Sorry, sorry, I really did laugh too much. Despite the fact that you’ve been practicing with everything you’ve got.
Rondo of a clown 2 (5)
Ban: …Do ya really think that? I’m gettin’ kinda depressed…
Producer: Ah, I’m sorry! Come on, don’t get so gloomy…!
Ban: Then I wasn’t totally lame just now?
Producer: Not in the slightest! I think you’re really cool, Jumonji-kun. And besides, you’re such a hard worker.
Producer: With your singing, dancing, and your juggling. I know that you always work your very hardest.
Ban: Producer...
Ban: It’s thanks to you that I try my best, Producer.
Producer: ...Me?
Rondo of a clown 2 (6)
Ban: It’s definitely because you’ve been there that I’ve been able to always work hard.
Producer: …You saying that makes me think that I should try my best everyday, too.
Ban: Well then, the same goes for both of us. Since the two of us are together, that means we can both do our best! Don’t ya think that’s pretty radical?
Producer: Fufu. “Radical” indeed!


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