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Rondo of a clown 3 (1)
Ban: Uuu–…
Producer: Jumonji-kun? What’s wrong? Your brow’s furrowed, and it’s right before the show. …Are you not feeling well, maybe?
Ban: Eh? Ah, I’m totally fine! I’ve got more energy than I know what to do with. …Just thinkin’ about something, is all.
Producer: Thinking about something?
Ban: Hmm, well, maybe rather than thinkin’ about something, it’s more like… Well, the answer’s something I’m only half-sure about.
Ban: I just haven’t decided yet.
Producer: What are you worried about? If you’d like, we could think about it together, maybe?
Rondo of a clown 3 (2)
Ban: It’s not big enough of a deal to say that I’m worryin’ about it or anything. I’ve just been thinkin’ about what I should do about my juggling routine for today.
Producer: You haven’t already decided what your routine will be?
Ban: …There’s a trick that I’ve thought I would do for a while, but I haven’t been getting it right too often.
Ban: I was thinkin’ I should just let it go this time, and do a trick that I know I won’t screw up.
Ban: But I can’t stop feeling like I’d like to give it a shot, no matter what.
Ban: Man, I’m so selfish, huh? I know that if I was thinkin’ about the group, then I’d do what would be most likely to make our performance a success.
Rondo of a clown 3 (3)
Ban: I don’t mean to bother you, but what would you do if you were in my shoes, Producer?
Producer: I imagine I’d be thinking the same thing.
Ban: I thought so~. Okay, guess that means I’ll give up on it this time! I’ll just practice real hard until next time, and then–
Producer: But I don’t want you to give up.
Ban: ...Eh?
Producer: Don’t think about the times that you’ve failed. I think you’re the coolest when you’re enthusiastically trying to go for things.
Ban: Producer...
Producer: No one will criticize you, even if you do mess up. And even if someone did, I’ll be there to apologize with you.
Producer: So don’t lie to yourself about how you feel. Do what you really want to do. You always seem like you’re shining when you do it like that.
Rondo of a clown 3 (4)
Ban: …That’s the first anyone’s said something like that to me. Somehow I’ve started to feel like I can do just about anything right now…!
Ban: All of this is thanks to you, Producer!
Producer: Not at all. I just said what I was thinking.
Ban: No, it really is.
Ban: I think that I was really scared. That if I messed this up onstage, then Eva-sama and Mio would blame me.
Ban: But when you said that, all of my fear and anxiety completely disappeared! Really, thank you!
Ban: I love you, Producer.
Producer: ! Hold on, Jumonji-kun!?
Rondo of a clown 3 (5)
Ban: I’m definitely going to make this a success, just for you, Producer.
Ban: So I hope that you’ll only be watchin’ me.
Ban: Welcome to our master’s domain. We have come down to stand before you because you have cried out so for our master.
Ban: Fix your gaze upon us. And then carve us into the very depths of your souls. Tonight, our music will stain all of you red.
Ban: Come, shall we begin? This most wonderful celebration, right before you take your final breaths.
Ban: You see, your cursed fate is this: only those left standing until the very end will be forgiven with our master’s affection…!
Rondo of a clown 3 (6)
Ban: Are you prepared to offer up that crimson blood swirling about in your bodies?


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