Profile Story
(Profile Story) Runa Kagurazaka

Nice to meet you. You're the person who is teaching me at this school... No, more like the person becoming our producer right?
I heard a lot about you from Kokoro. He said that I don't have to worry about entrusting myself to you...
I am Runa Kagurazaka. I came to this school by Kokoro’s invitation. I don’t know if I am qualified for being an idol--
But I want to try. I want to test my own power. How far can my own abilities take me...
It's been awhile since I've felt so excited. Since I'm going to go for it, I'm going to go all out!
Therefore, I'd like you to go all out as well.
What kind of world will lie ahead... I want to see it with you producer!
Fufu, I am relieved that you are just as passionate as the rumors say. From here on out, I look forwards to working with you, Producer.
Right now, I’m an I-chu that can't even tell left from right, but eventually I will become an idol as popular as Kokoro.
The goal should be high and tangible/achievable. Isn't that the first step in making your dream come true?
Let’s do our best together.

Initial R/RR All you need is to focus
Second Batch R/RR Handshake event of ups and downs?!
Initial SR/UR The ideal idol figure
June Bride SR/UR Hydrangea bride
Phantom Thief vs Police SR/UR Arrested after being caught red-handed!
Pool SR/UR Blue sky mermaid
Part-time Job 2017 SR/UR Soothing job
Second Batch SR/UR A shooting star and a wish
Momoiro Momoi-kun no koiwazurai SR/UR Consideration that doesn't lose to the cold
White Day 2018 SR/UR Selfish on a moonlit night
Aquarium SR/UR Captivating and beautiful voice
Initial LE/GR A Gentle Harmony
Valentine's Day LE/GR Sweet mode
1st Anniversary LE/GR Shining sorcery
Tsuigeki! Killer Sniper LE/GR Pursuit! Killer Sniper
Cultural Festival LE/GR Reward uniform date
New Year 2017 LE/GR Calling a small happiness and good fortune
Grandmaster LE/GR The name of the queen
Children's Day LE/GR Tactics of a maiden
1st Oshinobi Date LE/GR The secret of the seven mysteries
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Tricolored brilliance
Halloween 2017 LE/GR Exciting! Horror mask
Birthday LE/GR Mysterious time
Amusement Park 2017 LE/GR Secret incognito date
POP'N STAR Live Commemoration LE/GR LIVE Runa Kagurazaka
Music Award LE/GR Runa Kagurazaka's small revolution
Forbidden Garden LE/GR forbidden garden