Hanabusa Kokoro Twitter Icon
I... thank you always. Please stay close to me in the future too!
Momosuke icon
Runa-chan, thank you for always helping Momo out!

What do you think is your selling point as an idol?
I think my selling point is that cross dressing idols are unusual. Singing has also been a strong point of mine since long ago.

If you had to describe your type of woman?
I like earnest and cute girls.

Your favorite saying (or motto)?
"Always hit the mark, aim at your prey so it doesn't escape." is my motto. Fufu.

If one day you became one of the other I-chu's, who would you want to become?
I'm inexperienced in pottery, so I'd like to be someone like Shiki-san. I'm sure he would be kind enough to teach me!

If you didn't aim to become an idol, then what would you have become?
I think I would have aimed to be a politician like my father. Since there isn't anything else for me to be......

Someone you respect (admire)?
I respect Takeda Shingen. Such as Shingen-kou's Fuurinkazan.

Someone that took your interest? (someone you consider a rival)
Since I am fond of flower arrangement, Futami-san has taken my interest. I would like to see his works as well.

The reason why you wanted to become an idol?
Rebelling against my part of it, although I think being able to help my childhood friend Kokoro is another motivation of mine.

The music genre you listen a lot to?
I like classical. Since I learned the violin, it's been enjoyable to perform on my own.

The thing you're aiming the most to now?
I want to investigate the seven mysteries of the Etoile Vio School!

What do you do on your days off?
On days off I read books and go clay-target shooting. I also go shopping with Kokoro.

Something that recently made you happy?
That Kokoro is no longer alone! I won't let Kokoro be left alone again. Momo and I are here.

A moment that you enjoyed(found funny)?
It was during a photo shoot, when the three of us went overseas. I've gone abroad many times, but it's fun to go with friends.

Since we're here can you tell one secret about your unit's members?
Kokoro isn't very honest but he's really a good boy. Recently it looks like he's taken an interest in Seiya-san.

A word that represents your team?
It would be "feminine". I won't allow other teams to imitate that.

Something you would say to your fans?
With Kokoro, myself, and Momosuke as coming members of the new POP'N STAR, please support us for many years to come.

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