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What do you wear as your sleepwear? I wear pajamas with checker patterns. Play
Seiya I only wear a tank top and trunks when going to sleep!
Kanata A Rabirabi-patterned pajama! It has rabbit ears attached to the hoodie!
Akira I think I usually wear shirts and a pair of shorts. I wear long pants in winter, though.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki A pair of room pajamas that matches with Mutsuki's!
Mutsuki Something that matches Satsuki's~ Both the texture and the comfort are excellent!
Noah I wear a night gown before heading to bed, but when I'm going to sleep, I take it off.
Leon I'm the type who wears sweatshirts to sleep! I wear a bright orange one!
Chaoyang I like checker-patterned pajamas...
Rabi Sweatshirts, I guess. The other day, I got some whose color matches with Leon's.
Lucas The sweatshirts I got from Leon. They feel quite nice, you know?
Torahiko Just boxers!
Kyosuke My standard sleepwear is a jersey and a nightcap!
Akio Just a jersey... Do you have a problem with it?
Shiki I wear the jinbei[1] I got from Raku-kun. It feels pretty comfortable.
Hikaru I like wearing silk pajamas! They have frills on them!
Raku Jinbei feels very comfortable to me.
Kokoro Cute and fluffy indoor clothes!
Momosuke The squirrel pajamas I got from Kokoro-chan! Play
Issei I wear a parka [2] then go to sleep.
Futami Nama-chan's T-shirt. I feel happy when I wear it to sleep~
Takamichi Silk pajamas. They're custom-made clothes from my older sister's company.
Eva I usually put on jet black robes... Well, there's no need for me to sleep, though!
Mio I wear one that matches Eva-sama~
Ban Pajamas! The other day, Master gave me a haramaki too!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I had always worn a yukata to sleep since long ago. Old-fashioned, don't you think?
Toya I wear a yukata. Both Tsubaki and I have a habit of wearing a yukata to sleep since long ago.
Tatsumi I usually wear shirts, but... I-I wear briefs for the bottom. Do you have a problem with it!?
Aoi I sleep while wearing silk pajamas. I'm the type who pays attention to the quality of things.
Kuro My pajamas consist of a 500 yen shirt and short pants.
Saku It's a T-shirt I bought at a Live and short pants.
Baber Baber's pajamas.. it's really big..

Do you have something that you think no one can beat you at? For me, it's my concentrating power. Play
Seiya I won't lose against anyone in terms of my love toward Japan!
Kanata I won't lose in terms of the various shapes I can create with origami paper!
Akira For me... Maybe that I have a strong self-control?
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Nobody can beat me when it comes to being on good terms with Mutsuki!
Mutsuki Hm... Maybe my love toward Satsuki?
Noah Maybe that I have a lot of reliable friends?
Leon If it's about how to approach beautiful ladies then leave it to me!
Chaoyang I... I'm good at running away.
Rabi Physical stre-- Nah, I think it's the fact that I'm strong against cold weather!
Lucas It'll be how strong my love toward music is.
Torahiko The drawings of this great me won't lose against anyone!
Kyosuke If it's about imagination power, then supposedly I won't lose against anyone!
Akio That I have zero communication skill with people... Fuhi~...
Shiki Maybe that I'm popular with elder people?
Hikaru My beauty shall not lose against anyone!
Raku Perhaps the part of me that tends to find things bothersome...
Kokoro There are no crossdressers who could be any cuter than Kokoro, right? Momo and Runa are second cutest!
Momosuke M-my clumsiness? Saying that by myself makes me sad~ Play
Issei Brawls... Well, I haven't done it anymore since I became an I-Chu though...
Futami My love for Nama-chan!!!
Takamichi When it comes to assets, the Sanzenin family won't lose even to the Jumonji!
Eva My magical power is terrific, you know...?
Mio Do you want to try taking in my curses?
Ban My stomach is the strongest!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I won't lose against anyone when it comes to courage!
Toya I'm an assistant, so I won't lose when it comes to considerateness.
Tatsumi Maybe my ability to observe people...? I can see through what kind of a person the one I talked to is, after thoroughly talking with them!
Aoi Maybe my efforts in preserving my beauty?
Kuro When it comes to singing no one of the I-Chu's is able to beat me.
Saku My love for Producer-chan!
Baber Hmmm... I eat a lot of anpans.

Do you believe in fortune-telling? I always end up believing in them. Play
Seiya I believe in it! 'Cuz I'll be happy if something good happens then!
Kanata I believe in it. Though I'll feel dejected if I get a bad fortune.
Akira I think I don't. I don't believe in that sort of thing.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Of course! I love fortune-telling ♪
Mutsuki This is a secret, but I don't really believe in fortune-telling~
Noah Rather than fortune-telling, I prefer to believe in my luck.
Leon Of course I believe in fortune-telling! Especially for love's luck~!
Chaoyang F-fortune-telling is important... I believe in it...
Rabi Hm... I'm not interested in it...
Lucas As if I'll believe in something as frivolous as fortune-telling.
Torahiko I don't check that sort of thing! This great me believes in my own fate!
Kyosuke Of course I do~! It's fun checking on fortune-telling~
Akio I keep getting bad prophecies, so I don't really want to believe in it...
Shiki I believe in it. So that my fate will spin together with Little Kitten's... right?
Hikaru I believe in it if they have beautiful results!
Raku Fortune-telling does not always come true. That is all...
Kokoro Kokoro really loves fortune-telling, so I believe in it!
Momosuke I believe in it~! I believe in things like lucky colors. Play
Issei I don't. I don't look like I believe in it, do I?
Futami If it's Nama-chan's morning fortune-telling, I'm checking it everyday~
Takamichi I only want to believe in good fortune-telling...
Eva Fuh... If it's Death Chronos's fortune-telling, then I believe in it...
Mio I read my own fortunes~ And of course I also read for Eva-sama ♪
Ban Somehow I keep getting bad fortunes when Mio reads it for me~. I wonder why?
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki ... I accept both good and bad results!
Toya I believe in fortune-telling. It has been believed in by people since time immemorial.
Tatsumi I don't want to believe in fortune-telling except the good ones. If I get bad ones then it'll get my motivation down.
Aoi I like fortune-telling, so I believe in it.
Kuro I don't rely on fortune telling. I only rely on my instinct.
Saku I believe it! My compatibility with Producer-chan is perfect!
Baber I believe in it.. I like.. fortune telling..

Notes Edit

  1. Jinbei on wikipedia.
  2. Japanese definition of a parka.

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