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Profile Story
Saku: Ahh, [name]-chan! Finally we could meet!
(Profile Story) Saku Uruha
Saku: I've always wanted to meet you, you know? Suddenly disappearing from stages, just how much did I search for you?
Wanting to meet you as a fan and now I became an I-chu like this.
This and that in order to meet you...
I thought I came back living after seeing you again like this.
[name]-chan, I have always, alwaays loved you.
So, next is I will live as an I-chu so that you will be my producer only.
From now on we'll alwaays be together♪
Starting from the beginning, I'm Uruha Saku from Alchemist.
I won't lose the sight of you again.
My beloved [name]-chan, from now on everyday, I'll be in your care.
Initial R/RR A desired meeting
Initial SR/UR Your smell
Cultural Festival SR/UR The gaze beyond the lenses
Agent SR/UR My princess
Flower Viewing 2017 SR/UR You're allowed to touch...
Initial LE/GR Closer
Halloween 2016 LE/GR Connected by the chains
Valentine's Day 2017 LE/GR Wished chocolate exchange

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