Tell me your shoe size. Mine is 27.5.
Seiya 27.5 cm! It's bigger than Akira's! File:SakuQ1 Seiya.ogg
Kanata 24 cm. I'm sure it will grow bigger from now on! File:SakuQ1 Kanata.ogg
Akira 27 cm. The reason why Seiya's is bigger is probably because of the american blood. File:SakuQ1 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki 25.5 cm! It will grow bigger from now on! File:SakuQ1 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki 25.5 cm. You just thought "as expected of twins" didn't you? File:SakuQ1 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah With Japan's measuring it's 25.5 cm maybe? File:SakuQ1 Noah.ogg
Leon It's 26 cm! Noah taught me Japan's sizes! File:SakuQ1 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang It's 25 cm... File:SakuQ1 Li.ogg
Rabi With Japan sizes it would be 28 cm. I'm big. File:SakuQ1 Rabi.ogg
Lucas With Japan's sizes 26.5 cm is the perfect one. File:SakuQ1 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko It's 27 cm! Nishishi! File:SakuQ1 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke It's 26 cm. Normal, right? File:SakuQ1 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio 26 cm... It's not really big. File:SakuQ1 Akio.ogg
Shiki 27.5 cm. It's the biggest size in ArS. File:SakuQ1 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru It's 26 cm! File:SakuQ1 Hikaru.ogg
Raku It's 26.5 cm. Quite big isn't it? File:SakuQ1 Raku.ogg
Kokoro 23 cm. I have a lot of cute shoes ♪ File:SakuQ1 Kokoro.ogg
Runa 24 cm. I'm still in the middle of my growing period. File:SakuQ1 Runa.ogg
Momosuke It's 23.5 cm. File:SakuQ1 Momosuke.ogg
Issei 28 cm. It's so big that I have to search shoes from overseas makers.... File:SakuQ1 Issei.ogg
Futami 27.5 cm! File:SakuQ1 Futami.ogg
Takamichi It's 27.5 cm. Well, around this size. File:SakuQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva It's 25 cm... It's not small! File:SakuQ1 Eva.ogg
Mio Mine is 24 cm. It's a bit smaller than Eva-sama's I guess? File:SakuQ1 Mio.ogg
Ban It's 25 cm! It's goin' to become bigger from now on! File:SakuQ1 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki It's 27 cm. File:SakuQ1 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya It's 26 cm. Sometimes I get confused and end up wearing Aoi's shoes... File:SakuQ1 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi It's 27.5 cm! I won against Tsubaki!! File:SakuQ1 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi 26 cm. File:SakuQ1 Aoi.ogg
Kuro It's 26.5 cm. File:SakuQ1 Kuro.ogg
Baber It's twenty nine centimeters. File:SakuQ1 Baber.ogg

Do you have someone that you like? Of course, my crush is the Producer-chan!
Seiya Uwee!! C-crush...! Man~ this is embarrassing... File:SakuQ2 Seiya.ogg
Kanata Eeh?! T-there's someone I like but...~~~It's a secret! File:SakuQ2 Kanata.ogg
Akira Fufu. Just asking for such an obvious thing is a waste of time, you know? File:SakuQ2 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki A person I like?! A person I like... There's only Mutsuki! File:SakuQ2 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki I love Satsuki. And also the Producer! Ehehe~ File:SakuQ2 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah A person I like? Of course I have one... Fufu, how about you try to guess it? File:SakuQ2 Noah.ogg
Leon Yes yes yes! There are a lot! Ah, it's a lie! I'm faithful to Producer! File:SakuQ2 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang E-eeh?! I-I don't have any...! You shouldn't ask embarrassing questions...! File:SakuQ2 Li.ogg
Rabi A person I like? Hmm.... It's a secret. File:SakuQ2 Rabi.ogg
Lucas No-no one. This is no place to be hooked on stuff like that. File:SakuQ2 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko I love the Producer! Hey don't glare at me! File:SakuQ2 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Hawawa?! R-rather than person I like I would say person I'm interested in but... It's embarrassing!! File:SakuQ2 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio I'm bad with women so there's no one I like. But that person maybe... File:SakuQ2 Akio.ogg
Shiki Of course it's all the little kittens in the entire world! File:SakuQ2 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru I love everyone in the entire world!!! File:SakuQ2 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Hmm. And what will you do with that information? Kukuku, I'll just say that there is one. File:SakuQ2 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Kokoro-chan is of everyone ♪ That's the rule of an idol~ File:SakuQ2 Kokoro.ogg
Runa Fufu... And what would you do if I had one? File:SakuQ2 Runa.ogg
Momosuke Fueeh~! It's too embarassing to say it~ File:SakuQ2 Momosuke.ogg
Issei Tsk.......... No one. File:SakuQ2 Issei.ogg
Futami Of course! Producer, I love you~!! File:SakuQ2 Futami.ogg
Takamichi I-idiot! That's a violation of privacy so I won't say it! File:SakuQ2 Takamichi.ogg
Eva S-searching for a wife that would be of a noble status enough for me is too troublesome! T-this is stupid! File:SakuQ2 Eva.ogg
Mio It's Eva-sama of course! And... The rest is a secret ♪ File:SakuQ2 Mio.ogg
Ban There are a lot of people that I like! Eh? It's not like that? File:SakuQ2 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki And what do you wanna do by knowing it? Do you plan to be my rival? File:SakuQ2 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya S-someone that I like... This is embarrassing... It's a secret. File:SakuQ2 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi A-A-A woman I like?! A-A man doesn't say such an important thing so simply! File:SakuQ2 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Fufu... I'll leave it to your imagination. File:SakuQ2 Aoi.ogg
Kuro There's no such woman... Change the question Saku! File:SakuQ2 Kuro.ogg
Baber Big bro! File:SakuQ2 Baber.ogg

A region of Japan that you want to visit? I want to visit Producer-chan's house.
Seiya Samurai Kyoto!! There are samurai's there! File:SakuQ3 Seiya.ogg
Kanata I want to go to Hokkaido and see wild rabbits. File:SakuQ3 Kanata.ogg
Akira I want to search for something to treat Seiya and the others to at Chinatown. Tofu with apricot seed is not good though... File:SakuQ3 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I want to try diving with Mutsuki! That's why I want to go to Okinawa~ File:SakuQ3 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki The Tottori sand dunes. The sand makes a swoosh swoosh sound when you step on it~ File:SakuQ3 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah I want to see the wisteria gardens in Fukuoka. I've heard that they're beautiful. File:SakuQ3 Noah.ogg
Leon I want to go to Enokama! It has a beautiful atmosphere and I wanna meet girls! File:SakuQ3 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I want to go to Kobe's Chinatown... File:SakuQ3 Li.ogg
Rabi Niigata. I think that the snow is beautiful. File:SakuQ3 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I want to go to a theme park in japan... What, is there something wrong with it? File:SakuQ3 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko Japan is too strict for me![1] File:SakuQ3 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke I'll go to the Miyako island and meet with a mermaid!! File:SakuQ3 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio I don't want to go anywhere. My house is more than enough... File:SakuQ3 Akio.ogg
Shiki Gifu prefecture. The mino ceramics are beautiful. File:SakuQ3 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru Hokkaido's snow festival! I want to take part in it and create something too! File:SakuQ3 Hikaru.ogg
Raku I want to visit Kusatsu's hotsprings. File:SakuQ3 Raku.ogg
Kokoro I want to try paragliding in Asagiri! File:SakuQ3 Kokoro.ogg
Runa Kurama-dera. I want to meet a Tengu ♪ File:SakuQ3 Runa.ogg
Momosuke I want to see the tulips that are in Funakawa, Toyama prefecture~ File:SakuQ3 Momosuke.ogg
Issei I don't really want to go to cities. I want to climb a mountain so one with a high slope would be good. File:SakuQ3 Issei.ogg
Futami I want to eat delicious apples in Aomori. Of course Takamichi is the one that pays! File:SakuQ3 Futami.ogg
Takamichi I want to see a Shinto shrine in Itsukushima. And I also want to see a deer! File:SakuQ3 Takamichi.ogg
Eva Hmm... I hold an interest in the southern countries, but the heat there is... Black clothes are troublesome... File:SakuQ3 Eva.ogg
Mio I want to go to Shigo's Chikubu island. It's a famous power spot ♪ File:SakuQ3 Mio.ogg
Ban I wanna try the strength of the northern earthquakes! File:SakuQ3 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I want to go to Akita and see the Namahage! Isn't it really scary!? Haha! [2] File:SakuQ3 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya I want to go to Yamaguchi prefecture and try their delicious sake. File:SakuQ3 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi I wanna see Kyoto's Fushimi Inari! File:SakuQ3 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you. File:SakuQ3 Aoi.ogg
Kuro I want to go to Hiroshima's Sensui island. It seems it feels good to sing there. File:SakuQ3 Kuro.ogg
Baber A place where the anpan is delicious. File:SakuQ3 Baber.ogg


  1. He doesn't use his usual ore-sama here
  2. Namahage is a demon of the japanese folklore