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Tell me your shoe size. Mine is 27.5.
Seiya 27.5 cm! It's bigger than Akira's!
Kanata 24 cm. I'm sure it will grow bigger from now on!
Akira 27 cm. The reason why Seiya's is bigger is probably because of the american blood.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki 25.5 cm! It will grow bigger from now on!
Mutsuki 25.5 cm. You just thought "as expected of twins" didn't you?
Noah With Japan's measuring it's 25.5 cm maybe?
Leon It's 26 cm! Noah taught me Japan's sizes!
Chaoyang It's 25 cm...
Rabi With Japan sizes it would be 28 cm. I'm big.
Lucas With Japan's sizes 26.5 cm is the perfect one.
Torahiko It's 27 cm! Nishishi!
Kyosuke It's 26 cm. Normal, right?
Akio 26 cm... It's not really big.
Shiki 27.5 cm. It's the biggest size in ArS.
Hikaru It's 26 cm!
Raku It's 26.5 cm. Quite big isn't it?
Kokoro 23 cm. I have a lot of cute shoes ♪
Runa 24 cm. I'm still in the middle of my growing period.
Momosuke It's 23.5 cm.
Issei 28 cm. It's so big that I have to search shoes from overseas makers....
Futami 27.5 cm!
Takamichi It's 27.5 cm. Well, around this size.
Eva It's 25 cm... It's not small!
Mio Mine is 24 cm. It's a bit smaller than Eva-sama's I guess?
Ban It's 25 cm! It's goin' to become bigger from now on!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki It's 27 cm.
Toya It's 26 cm. Sometimes I get confused and end up wearing Aoi's shoes...
Tatsumi It's 27.5 cm! I won against Tsubaki!!
Aoi 26 cm.
Kuro It's 26.5 cm.
Baber It's twenty nine centimeters.

Do you have someone that you like? Of course, my crush is the Producer-chan!
Seiya Uwee!! C-crush...! Man~ this is embarrassing...
Kanata Eeh?! T-there's someone I like but...~~~It's a secret!
Akira Fufu. Just asking for such an obvious thing is a waste of time, you know?
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki A person I like?! A person I like... There's only Mutsuki!
Mutsuki I love Satsuki. And also the Producer! Ehehe~
Noah A person I like? Of course I have one... Fufu, how about you try to guess it?
Leon Yes yes yes! There are a lot! Ah, it's a lie! I'm faithful to Producer!
Chaoyang E-eeh?! I-I don't have any...! You shouldn't ask embarrassing questions...!
Rabi A person I like? Hmm.... It's a secret.
Lucas No-no one. This is no place to be hooked on stuff like that.
Torahiko I love the Producer! Hey don't glare at me!
Kyosuke Hawawa?! R-rather than person I like I would say person I'm interested in but... It's embarrassing!!
Akio I'm bad with women so there's no one I like. But that person maybe...
Shiki Of course it's all the little kittens in the entire world!
Hikaru I love everyone in the entire world!!!
Raku Hmm. And what will you do with that information? Kukuku, I'll just say that there is one.
Kokoro Kokoro-chan is of everyone ♪ That's the rule of an idol~
Runa Fufu... And what would you do if I had one?
Momosuke Fueeh~! It's too embarassing to say it~
Issei Tsk.......... No one.
Futami Of course! Producer, I love you~!!
Takamichi I-idiot! That's a violation of privacy so I won't say it!
Eva S-searching for a wife that would be of a noble status enough for me is too troublesome! T-this is stupid!
Mio It's Eva-sama of course! And... The rest is a secret ♪
Ban There are a lot of people that I like! Eh? It's not like that?
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki And what do you wanna do by knowing it? Do you plan to be my rival?
Toya S-someone that I like... This is embarrassing... It's a secret.
Tatsumi A-A-A woman I like?! A-A man doesn't say such an important thing so simply!
Aoi Fufu... I'll leave it to your imagination.
Kuro There's no such woman... Change the question Saku!
Baber Big bro!

A region of Japan that you want to visit? I want to visit Producer-chan's house.
Seiya Samurai Kyoto!! There are samurai's there!
Kanata I want to go to Hokkaido and see wild rabbits.
Akira I want to search for something to treat Seiya and the others to at Chinatown. Tofu with apricot seed is not good though...
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I want to try diving with Mutsuki! That's why I want to go to Okinawa~
Mutsuki The Tottori sand dunes. The sand makes a swoosh swoosh sound when you step on it~
Noah I want to see the wisteria gardens in Fukuoka. I've heard that they're beautiful.
Leon I want to go to Enokama! It has a beautiful atmosphere and I wanna meet girls!
Chaoyang I want to go to Kobe's Chinatown...
Rabi Niigata. I think that the snow is beautiful.
Lucas I want to go to a theme park in japan... What, is there something wrong with it?
Torahiko Japan is too strict for me![1]
Kyosuke I'll go to the Miyako island and meet with a mermaid!!
Akio I don't want to go anywhere. My house is more than enough...
Shiki Gifu prefecture. The mino ceramics are beautiful.
Hikaru Hokkaido's snow festival! I want to take part in it and create something too!
Raku I want to visit Kusatsu's hotsprings.
Kokoro I want to try paragliding in Asagiri!
Runa Kurama-dera. I want to meet a Tengu ♪
Momosuke I want to see the tulips that are in Funakawa, Toyama prefecture~
Issei I don't really want to go to cities. I want to climb a mountain so one with a high slope would be good.
Futami I want to eat delicious apples in Aomori. Of course Takamichi is the one that pays!
Takamichi I want to see a Shinto shrine in Itsukushima. And I also want to see a deer!
Eva Hmm... I hold an interest in the southern countries, but the heat there is... Black clothes are troublesome...
Mio I want to go to Shigo's Chikubu island. It's a famous power spot ♪
Ban I wanna try the strength of the northern earthquakes!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I want to go to Akita and see the Namahage! Isn't it really scary!? Haha! [2]
Toya I want to go to Yamaguchi prefecture and try their delicious sake.
Tatsumi I wanna see Kyoto's Fushimi Inari!
Aoi Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
Kuro I want to go to Hiroshima's Sensui island. It seems it feels good to sing there.
Baber A place where the anpan is delicious.


  1. He doesn't use his usual ore-sama here
  2. Namahage is a demon of the japanese folklore

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