Satoru Iijima
飯島智, Iijima Satoru
Satoru Ijima
The beautiful iKids!
"I'm Satoru Iijima. My goal is to be a wonderful person just like Aoi-sama. ♪ Aoi-sama, you're just as lovely today~!"
Age 7
Birthday June 3rd
Blood Type B
Height 121 cm
Weight 21 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Singing in a chorus
Fave Food Cream stew
LeastFave Food Fat meat
Looks up to Aoi Kakitsubata
Group sweet step


A boy that looks beautiful like a girl, talks in a feminine way. He is a wicked and strong-willed character.


Satoru Ijima N (Arashi Hanasaku Fuuraibou) Satoru Iijima N (En banrai YOSAKOI) Satoru Iijima N

Character LinesEdit

My name is Satoru Iijima. I often hear that I'm strong-willed.
I have the best looks out of all iKids!
I definitely won't lose against those who came here before me...!
Aoi-sama is my great senior in the pursuit of beauty!
Yukiji-san is such a weirdo~
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Affection StoryEdit


Satoru Iijima - Perfect (1)
Satoru: La-lala~, lala-la-la-la-la-lala~♪
Satoru: Yes, today my singing voice is perfect as well.
Satoru: By the way, you over there. For how long are you going to eavesdrop on my singing?
Satoru: It's useless to hide now. Did you really think that someone such as myself wouldn't notice you?
Satoru: You are a foolish adult. Well, I can understand that someone would feel enthralled by listening to me.
Satoru: And? Who are you? Don't be sneaky and introduce yourself, would you?
Satoru: Heh~. You're a Producer. So you have set your eyes on me. Fufu, not bad.
Satoru: I am Satoru Iijima. I was born being blessed with beauty. I'm an iKids with a promising future.
Satoru: If you insist, I might even become your I-Chu in the future?

Matching outfit with Aoi-sama♪

Satoru Iijima - Matching outfit with Aoi-sama (1)
Satoru: They were late, weren't they! Did they plan to make me wait forever?
Satoru: Well, but thanks to that I was able observe Aoi-sama's photo shooting from the start.
Satoru: What's with that face. ... Do you mean you delayed the photo shooting on purpose so I could watch it?
Satoru: ... Of course I'm glad, no? Because Aoi-sama is the only being that I look up to.
Satoru: Well, never mind that, I have to quickly prepare for my photo shooting! Where is the costume I'm wearing today?
Satoru Iijima - Matching outfit with Aoi-sama (2)
Satoru: Ufufu...
Satoru: Aah, I could fall for that look many times. I can't believe the day I'm wearing the same costume as Aoi-sama has finally come...
Satoru: Fufu, how is it? Does it suit me? Of course it does.
Satoru: I've always wanted this costume to suit me, that's why I've been working hard for it.
Satoru: ... Today, one of my dreams comes true.

Elegant Aoi-sama

Satoru Iijima - Elegant Aoi-sama (1)
Satoru: Aah, Aoi-sama's stage was amazing. Eh? What was so amazing about it?
Satoru: That's indescribable, of course!
Satoru: Such vigor and bravery... I discovered a new side of Aoi-sama.
Satoru: I wonder if I'll be able to imitate him if I start exercising?
Satoru Iijima - Elegant Aoi-sama (2)
Satoru: Today I'll be Aoi-sama's back dancer. I'll dance beautifully, so please watch me.
Satoru: You want to know how my exercises go? I quit! I'm still growing after all.
Satoru: What should I do if I become all muscly!? That's totally not beautiful, you know?
Satoru: I'll thoroughly intent to seek beauty now. Now that's a splendid exercise.
Satoru: But to become like Aoi-sama I still seem to have a long way to go.

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Of course you remembered my birthday, right?
Yukiji Yukiji-san? Was he singing a birthday song by himself earlier?
Aoi Today is Aoi-sama's birthday! I must put all my spirit into baking a cake for him!
Producer Oh my? It’s your birthday? Congratulations.


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