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Seiya: Huh? Producer… or, I mean, Sensei? What’s got you in such a rush?
Producer: Aido-kun. Well, the truth is that we’ve just decided what your next gig is going to be.
Producer: So I thought that I’d better hurry up and let you know—
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Seiya: Seriously, Sensei?! What is it, what is it? What kind of job?
Producer: Just don’t freak out and listen to me, okay?
Seiya: Don’t exaggerate, Sensei. Hurry up and tell me already!
Producer: We’re going to be filming the promo video for your next song.
Seiya: A promo video… Wait, you mean they’ve decided on a new song?!
Producer: Seems that’s the case. So, what do you think? This is some amazing news, isn’t it?
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Seiya: ~~Sensei!!
Producer: A-Aido-kun?!
Producer: (He’s, he’s hugging me…?!)
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Seiya: Thank you so, so, so much. I’m so super happy right now!!
Producer: I’m happy that you’re happy, but… Um, wait, let go for a sec…!
Seiya: “Let go”? Why?
Producer: People will get the wrong idea with a man and a woman hugging out here!
Producer: Besides, if you really want to become an idol, then doing this kind of thing will land you in a big scandal…!
Seiya: Sensei, you sure say some weird things sometimes.
Producer: “Weird things”?
Seiya: I mean, right now, I’m super happy. Happy that we’ve got this job, and happy that you got it for us!
Seiya: Didn’t getting that job make you just as happy as I am?
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Seiya: So, I wanted to make sure you could share that happiness with me.
Seiya: Is it a bad thing for us both to have a hug and be happy together?
Producer: Well, that is…
Seiya: That is?
Producer: (Even if he looks at me straight in the eye like that… How exactly should I answer him…?)
Seiya: Did I maybe really bother you? Sorry, I just went ahead and did that without knowing…
Producer: No, that’s not it…
Seiya: But let me say at least this much!
Seiya SRUR AffectStory1-1
Producer, thanks for everything you do.
Seiya: That’s all that I just really had to say no matter what! Hehe!


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