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Seiya: Ahh, man, I still haven’t sung enough!
Producer: You’re way too excited.
Seiya: Hey, hey, you know– it’s important that I am for the video, so what can you do?
Seiya: Singin’s the pointa bein’ an idol, right?
Producer: (Where on earth did he pick that up…? Ever since we started filming, he just keeps going on and on about how much he wants to sing.)
Seiya: Hey, would you be happy if I said something like “With the setting sun’s light behind me, I’ll sing a song just for you, [name]”?
Producer: Just say something that actually sounds good.
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Seiya: I was being really serious just now, though…
Producer: …I see. Well then, if you can sing me your very best song at this excellent location, and manage to do it all by yourself, I might be a little bit happy.
Seiya: Now hold on a sec–
Producer: (I swear, this kid… He goes from elated to depressed with just a single word. It’s kind of fun to see so many different expressions. But, still–)
Producer: …No, I was kidding. I’d think I’d really like to see what you had in mind.
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Seiya: Seriously?! Okay, then keep watching me from over there. I’m gonna give you a song to listen to that’s got my everything put into it!
Seiya: Ahh– This is just how you should feel, singing outside with all you’ve got!
Producer: It seems the staff really enjoyed it, too.
Seiya: Eh?! Even though I was just putting on a show for you?!
Producer: You didn’t notice? Even though they were clapping along in the middle of it?
Seiya: I was too entranced by both the music and you.
Producer: …So you’re trying to say stuff like this again?
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Seiya: Producer, you never think anything’s any good!
Seiya: I’ve only been saying things that are true, anyway… But hey, how was it? My song, I mean.
Producer: Let’s see… I’d say both your vocals and dancing earned about 80 points or so.
Seiya: E-eighty points?! As strict as I’d expect of you, Producer…
Producer: But, you could hear more of your heart in that song than any of the ones you’ve sang before.
Seiya: …Well, since you were smiling like that, you know…
Producer: And on top of that, there’s such a gorgeous sunset. It’s really such a great feeling to see something so lovely and listen to you sing, Aido-kun.
Seiya: Me, too.
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Seiya SRUR AffectStory 2
Being able to see a sunset like with you makes me sooo incredibly happy!
Producer: You sure look like you’re happy most of the time.
Seiya: Yeah! That’s because you’re always nearby! And, you know…
Seiya SRUR AffectStory 3
I don’t think that I’d want any producer other than you.
Producer: !?
Producer: Yeah… Thank you!


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