Seaside of memories 1 (1)
Tatsumi: Producer
Producer: Ah, Madarao-kun. What's wrong?
Tatsumi: Are you free this weekend?
Producer: This weekend? ...Hmm, I think I am. Does anything happen then?
Tatsumi: So, ehm....If you're free then come with me
Producer Eh?
Seaside of memories 1 (2)
Tatsumi: I'm telling you to accompany me! This weekend at 10 in front of the station! I'll be waiting for you. Bye then!
Producer: Ah, Madarao-kun! ...He went away. This weekend in front of the station at 10 huh....I have to look forward to it
Producer: Wow! It's the sea!
Seaside of memories 1 (3)
Tatsumi: Don't be so overly excited. You've seen the sea many times, right?
Producer: But this is the first time I come here when the beach is completely empty
Producer: It's all thanks to you bringing me here!
Seaside of memories 1 (4)
Tatsumi: .....Are you happy about that?
Producer: I am! I got surprised when you suddenly invited me, and I didn't think you would bring me to the beach
Producer: Did you already decide where to go after this?
Seaside of memories 1 (5)
Tatsumi: No, I haven't decided anything in particular....
Producer: Then leave it to me to guide you! I brought a sightseeing map of this place earlier! Let's walk while looking at it!
Producer: Did you know that there's an aquarium near here? And the there's also a garden of carnivorous plants. How unusual.
Tatsumi: Wait a moment! I was the one that invited you so let me take the lead!
Tatsumi: You should just follow me. And on the other hand I'll count on you for support
Producer: Support? What should I do?
Tatsumi: That's............Ehm, well......y'know........
Seaside of memories 1 (6)
Tatsumi: Anyways! You should just follow me! Then we'll have lots of fun!
Producer: Ah, wait Madarao-kun!

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