Secret of the little devil 3 (1)
Mutsuki: It was so much fun snowboarding! Or maybe I should say that I didn’t think you’d be so bad at it, Producer~.
Satsuki: Come to think of it, Leon was super good at snowboarding, wasn’t he~? It’d be great if we could take after him!
Producer: W-Well, there’s nothing I can do about that, is there? I mean, it was my first time snowboarding, after all!
Mutsuki: It was your first time, but you still went up the slopes with us until we got to the first course, didn’t you~?
Producer: That–…! That was because you two wouldn’t get off the lift, remember!?
Mutsuki: Ahaha! That was so funny~! You just kept slipping and falling again and again, all the way until the very bottom!
Producer: …Sigh. I’m never snowboarding again.
Secret of the little devil 3 (2)
Mutsuki: Don’t say that. We won’t play any tricks on you next time we come here, so we’ll teach you how to then.
Producer: …Next time we come?
Mutsuki: Yeah. Let’s come here again with just you, Satsuki and me. Don’t worry– if you practice hard, then you’ll be able to snowboard in no time.
Satsuki: Yeah, that’s right! Snowboarding really is a lot of fun.
Producer: …If you actually teach me, I suppose that’s fine.
Mutsuki: All right, then it’s settled. Ah, but that aside, I guess my practicing to become sexier didn’t go too well in the end, did it?
Producer: I’d say you two were more acting effeminate rather than practicing being sexy…
Secret of the little devil 3 (3)
Mutsuki: What, no way! You should’ve told us that when we were practicing!
Producer: I thought that you two might’ve mistaken what being sexy actually is, but you looked like you were having so much fun that I figured it was fine to just let you be.
Mutsuki: It’s not fine at all!
Producer: …Well, you might as well try it out during the show. Maybe having other people watch you will make you aware of something that will bring out a different side of you.
Mutsuki: During the show, huh…? Come to think of it, we do have one song that’s got a pretty mature feel to it!
Satsuki: That’s right ♪ Let’s try it out during that sexy song of ours!
Producer: Yeah. I’m sure that the combination of that song and the stage direction will help create the sexy vibe that you want to show them.
Mutsuki: Hmm… Is it okay if I practice a little bit?
Producer: That probably would make you feel less nervous than improvising during the show.
Mutsuki: Thanks. Well then, I’ll give it a go.
Secret of the little devil 3 (4)
Mutsuki: Umm, sexy, sexy…
Producer: (Uwah… So he can actually make a face like that…)
Mutsuki: …Why are you looking away, Producer?
Secret of the little devil 3 (5)
Mutsuki: Look me in the eye…
Producer: ….~~!
Mutsuki: Yup, it looks like that worked out nicely. …Your face is bright red, Producer.
Producer: …Yeah, I know… That’s amazing, Mutsuki-kun. You’ve found your signature move.
Mutsuki: Ufufu, so Satsuki’s the cute one, and I’m the sexy one. Yeah, yeah, that sounds really good ♪
Satsuki: It’d be better if I was sexy, too!
Secret of the little devil 3 (6)
Mutsuki: Noooo way. It’s just ‘cause you’re so cute, Satsuki. I’m the one who’s got the sex appeal ♪
Mutsuki: I’ll do my best like this during the show, too, so keep your eye on me, Producer.
Secret of the little devil 3 (7)
Mutsuki: I’m gonna let you all see a different side of me today… Just a little bit of it.
Mutsuki: If you just write us off as a pair of twins that are cute all of the time, you might get burned, you know?
Secret of the little devil 3 (8)
Mutsuki: Make sure you’re ready for when I become a guy hot enough to completely captivate you…
Mutsuki: I’ll be sure to remind you that even I’m a man.


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