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Secret positivity 1 (1)
Toya: Fufu. You're being really close today again. It makes me jealous.
Toya: It makes one envious to see people that can rely on each other.
Toya: ....I wonder if one day I'll have such relationship with that person too.
Producer: ....Ah, it's Honoki-kun. Is he still playing with the cats?
Producer: I can't hear what he's saying from here, but it looks like he's having lots of fun.
Producer: ....I wonder if I should, take a photo.
Producer: (Let's be quiet so that he won't find me out....)
*camera shutter*
Producer: Ah...
Secret positivity 1 (2)
Toya: Is there anyone?
Producer: Ahaha... I got found out.
Toya: Producer. What are you doing there?
Producer: You were making a really nice expression when playing with the cats so without thinking I wanted to take a picture.
Toya: Do you know that society calls those peeping photos?
Producer: .....I'm sorry.
Secret positivity 1 (3)
Toya: Fufu, it was a joke. I don't mind having you take photos of me.
Toya: Do you want to come play with them too?
Producer: If you insist.
Producer: Shinya-kun and Mahiru-kun, right? It's been a while. It's me, [name]. Do you remember?
Shinya&Mahiru: .....Meow?
Producer: Uuuh, as I thought they don't like a newcomer like me. Both of them ran towards you, Honoki-kun.
Secret positivity 1 (4)
Toya: But if you keep doing this, next time they will get used to you.
Producer: It would be nice if it really happened. Ah, right. Do you want to see the picture I took earlier?
Toya: ....The picture you took of me?
Producer: I think it came out pretty good.
Toya: You're right... The sky's color is so pretty.
Producer: .....Shouldn't you be looking at yourself? Look at that smile. Isn't it wonderful?
Secret positivity 1 (5)
Toya: ...I think the subject is a bit too far away, so the smile doesn't stand out that much.
Producer: Uuu... you may be right. Then will you let me try again? I'll make an even better photo!
Toya: Yes. Do as you please.
Producer: Thank you!
Producer: Then please keep being relaxed like that... Ah, a strand of hair is in the way so I'll move it a bit!
Toya: Ah....
Toya: (The producer... looks like she's in a daze. But, as expected, having her so close feels like...)

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