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Aido seiya banner
Seiya Aido
Aido Seiya
Seiya Aido Twitter Icon
"I’m going to become a Japanese Idol Star, I’m Aido Seiya!"
Aliases Seiya
Aido Seiya
Star Night
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 17
Blood Type O
Birthday December 24th
Height 5'10" or 178 cm
Weight 63 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Ff
Position Leader
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Elder Sister
Hobby Swimming; Studying Japanese culture
Fave Food Potato Fries
LeastFave Food Yam Cake
• Portrayal•
Image Gallery

Seiya Aido (愛童星夜 Aido Seiya) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, F∞F, who was the first to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

Cheerful and positive. A boy who’s always looking towards the future. He was raised in America, and came to Japan when he was an elementary school student. Because he loves Japan, he frequently collects Japanese accessories and other things. Tsubaki Rindo is his senior, whom he admires, and Noah was his childhood friend in America.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I'm Seiya Aido! I used to live in America but now I'm here! Hehe! I will become the best idol star in Japan!
  • How did you become an idol?
    • Well, it's actually a secret but I will make an exception and tell it only to you. Truth is, I'm chasing after a person I admire!
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • When I first met Akira I thought he was a strange guy with his laughing and saying "Fufu", but he's actually nicer than he looks.

Personality Edit

An enthusiastic youth whose goal is to become a samurai idol. A genuine and kind boy who is always willing to do what's right and help out, such as helping Kokoro with his live despite the latter insulting all of them repeatedly. Seiya is very friendly to everyone and has a positive outlook on things.

Profile StoryEdit

Profile Story
(Profile Story) Seiya Aido
Seiya: I'm Seiya Aido! I'm a promising 17-year-old I-Chu!
I used to live in America so I' to say it....really...."absorbed" in Japan's culture!
But the guys around me would somehow look at me with strange eyes.
Am I saying strange things?
But, I feel like you will be able to understand me. You are my producer after all
I'm aiming for the top! That's why, Producer!
Let's aim for the top together!

Appearance Edit

Seiya is a fairly tall guy who has naturally wavy blond hair, which is cut just under his ears. He has light skin and his eyes are pure blue.

Seiya wears a bright red jacket with an orange-yellow lining. He also wears a plain white shirt underneath, on which he has hung his sunglasses. He wears greenish-brown long pants with a dark green belt with a gold buckle. He also has two string bracelets on his right wrist. This is his usual outfit, and it can also be seen in the album picture of Saite wa Chiru Hana no Youni.

Seiya wears his F∞F unit uniform which is also his unit outfit for the song Icchaisou Dayo. It consists of a white dress shirt with a black tie under an elaborate blazer. The blazer is generally black with red sections on the lapels and cuffs and also has a red lining. There are numerous gold trimmings, with a gold braid near his right arm and a golden fringe on the left side of his chest. He also wears black pants with a brown belt with a dull silver buckle, and a chain hangs off the belt on the left side of his hip. He also has a red wristband with a golden stripe with stars on it on both wrists. He has a thick golden ring on his second finger and a silver ring on his thumb.

Seiya wears a long sleeved black dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and the top button unbuttoned along with a striped yellow tie which is tied rather loosely. His white Etoile Vio blazer for the third generation is tied around his waist. He has a blue wristband with thin red and white stripes on his left wrist. His sunglasses are on his head. He carries a bright red sling bag with him.

This is the outfit the F∞F members wear in Viva! Carnival!. Seiya's outfit consists of two layers of vests. The inner vest is pale yellow with darker yellow stripes along the seams, while the outer vest is white with floral designs in lime green. A red hibiscus flower is affixed to the left side of his chest. An orange sash and a fringed green cloth are tied around his waist. Numerous tropical flowers in hues of pink and red and white are placed below the sash. Seiya wears a beaded necklace with a pendant resembling a claw. He also wears a brown and green headdress with beads at the ends. He has a wood-colored bangle with golden carvings on his right arm near the shoulder. He also has multiple bracelets, some being beaded. He also has tropical flowers made into a ring worn on the index finger of his right hand, which holds a microphone.

Seiya wears the same outfit as the one he wears in his Rare Card, with the addition of a pair of bright blue headphones. This is his usual outfit, and it can also be seen in the album picture of Saite wa Chiru Hana no Youni.

Seiya wears his F∞F unit outfit, as described in the Double Rare Card which is also his unit outfit for the song Icchaisou Dayo.

Seiya wears a red hoodie which has a blue lining with white stars on it in the hood. The rest of the lining is plain red. He also wears Bermudas which have red flowers and green leaves on it. He holds a blue snorkeling mask and tube and a blow-up orca.

Seiya wears a white undershirt with his sunglasses hanging on the collar. He also wears a Hawaiian shirt which is pink and has yellow and orange flowers on it. His Bermudas are patterned with shades of white, pink and blue. He also wears several string bracelets and string necklaces. He has a red earpiece with a microphone on his right ear.

Seiya wears a red yukata. He is seen holding several takeaway boxes of food, a pair of chopsticks and two small blue bottles of Ramune. He has a ikayaki (grilled squid) in his mouth and a fox mask on his head. This card is a pair with Akira Mitsurugi's Summer Festival Legendary Rare Card.

Seiya wears an open red and orange kimono with a black collar, fastened with a dark green patterned sash around the waist. A sarashi (cotton cloth) is bound around his waist inside the kimono. He has a white twisted rope tied around his head and has black arm coverings reaching from the wrist to just short of the elbow. He is holding a microphone. This card is a pair with Akira Mitsurugi's Summer Festival God Rare Card.

Seiya is shown wearing his outfit from his Super Rare Card. In addition, he is wearing a red-orange hoodie and has a hamburger in his hands.

Seiya is depicted wearing his Icchaisou Dayo outfit, which is shown in his Double Rare Card. In addition, he is holding a microphone in one hand.

Seiya is wearing a black haori with a white haori himo. In addition, he is wearing a gray hakama and in his hand is a colorful spinning top.

Seiya is wearing an orange checkered kimono with a long blue haori decorated with floral patterns on top. He has an assortment of rings and bracelets on and part of his bangs is held back by two black clips. Over his shoulder he is carrying a large red umbrella with a pink floral pattern. The sash around his waist is purple and hanging from it is a beaded chain with white tassels and a pair of sunglasses.

Seiya is wearing a blue jacket over a white hoodie with dog paw prints on the hood. Underneath this he is wearing a light pink shirt and has on a pair of brown pants. In one hand he is holding an onigiri and in the other he is holding a pair of chopsticks. He has his shoes off and is wearing white socks. Hanging from his belt is a chain with a bunny key chain hanging from it. This card is a pair with Kanata Minato's Flower Viewing Scout Legendary Rare Card.

Seiya is wearing a purple and green top hat with a green ribbon tied into a bow around it. The hat is decorated with bunny ears and Seiya's usual red rimmed sunglasses. He has on a multi-colored tuxedo with purple cuffs and frills at the ends. He is also wearing a purple and green checkered vest and underneath he is wearing a white dress shirt. There is a large green bow tie around his neck with flower clips and chains on it. Around his waist is a green cummerbund and he has on white dress pants. Seiya is wearing white gloves and in one hand he is holding a mainly purple colored cane. There is a bunny stuffed animal on his shoulder and attached to the back of his outfit is a bunny tail. This card is a pair with Kanata Minato's Flower Viewing Scout God Rare Card.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout I appeared~! Hehee! Play
Idolizing I'm so excited! Play
Regular I am the boy who will become the best idol in Japan! Aido Seiya! Play
My fiery voice will resound all over the world! Play
Producer~ Show me some delicious Japanese food shops! Play
Aa~, aa~.... I have to take care of my throat. Play
In Japan they use the phrase "Sumeba Miyako"[1] right? It's a great phrase, isn't it? Play
I'm really happy I'm in the same group as those guys![2] Play
Have you seen Kanata's Rabirabi? That guy, where did he put it? Play
Akira acts like a grown-up and I admire him for that. He's a really cool guy! Play
I've been pranked by those twins again! DAMN IT! Play
I'm really good at swimming! Especially crawl[3], I'm really fast at it! Play
New Monthly Lines
September An athletic festival! I won't lose! Play
The moon is like the color of Akira's eyes, it's beautiful! Play
October I promised to Noah to watch a meteor shower with him! We're waiting for it on the school's rooftop! Play
RAWR! Today I'm a werewolf! Producer, give me sweets! Play
November What am I reading? A textbook about Japanese History! It's the autumn of reading after all! Play
The ginkgo gets covered with autumn leaves and becomes of a yellow color! The same color as my hair! Play
December On the Holy night Seiya was born! Hehe! Doesn't it sound nice~ [4] Play
I want to ring the New Year's bells too! Like Gong Gong! Play
Old Monthly Lines
January Japanese Hagoita[5]! The loser will have his face painted! I'll go borrow some ink from Raku now! Play
'Mo~ i~kutsu ne~ru~ to~ oshou ga TWO'[6]! Just kidding~ Play
February Producer....Is that chocolate? Hehe, Thank you! Play
Nya!? Nyanyanya! Eh? There's Cat Day too right? [7] Play
March When I came to Japan I thought the doll's festival was a day to eat peaches~[8] Play
Japan's cherry blossoms are really pretty... **Yawn** I'm getting sleepy... Play
April The spring is at it's best! It became warm and refreshing, so let's go out to play! Play
Actually, it's about me returning to America... Just kidding! Were you tricked? Play
May Don't you think the kabuto[9] worn during Children's day would suit Tsubaki-san a lot? Play
I will aim for the top, exactly like the Koinobori's swimming in the sky! Play
June I love rainy days too! That's because the noise the rain makes sounds like a song, right? Play
Did you know it? The sound you hear when the rain stops is the rainbow! It's Synesthesia[10] Play
July Fufufu~ My sunglasses will help me in this season! Play
It's summer! It's the sea! Let's crack watermelons and swim a lot in the sea! Play
August Hot, it's too hot. Producer, prepare some shaved ice~ Play
The other day I went to see the stars with Noah! He knows a lot about them! Play
September Tsk! It has become a season where I can't swim~ Play
Speaking of autumn, it has to be sweet potatoes roasted in fallen leaves~! Play
October When I watched a movie at the cinema, I was so moved I just couldn't stop my tears~ Uooh~! Play
Let's make pumpkin cakes out of gouged out pumpkins, Producer! Play
November It's an autumn of fine arts! Tora is skillful at painting, I wonder if he'd teach me... Play
Fall reading... I'm reading scripts! Help me with difficult-to-read kanji! Play
December Merry Christmas! I'll become a Santa for Kanata! Play
I'm going to do a big cleaning with Producer now! Let's make everything turn sparkly! Play
Start Menu I-Chu! Play
Download Wait for a lil bit, 'kay~? Play
Story What story will you read I wonder... Play
Main Story Choose a chapter! Hurry up and choose it!
I can't wait anymore! Producer, hurry up and read it! Play
Love Story Love story, huh....Hehee! Kinda makes me embarrassed, eh! Play
....Shall we read it together? Play
Shop Producer! Let's go shopping! Play
Disk Purchase What did you buy? Show it to me too~!
Friend It's information about your friends. Who are they? Play
Other If you're in trouble it's okay to come here!
During Lives
R/RR Start Let's go! Play
Skill Yes yes! Play
Let's sing! Play
I won't lose! Play
Clear You did well! Play
Affection Gain Is this...what you call bonding? Play
SR/UR Start Watch me! Play
Skill Fight! Play
Power injection! Play
I'm filled with power! Play
Clear It was the best! Play
Affection Gain Hehehe~ Let's get along well! Play
LE/GR Start Let's rise the tension! Play
Skill Awaken! The fire phoenix within me! Play
I can do it if I'm with you! Play
I'll hug you! Play
Clear Let's do another live together next time. Play
Affection Gain Hee! It's embarrassing. Play

Notes Edit

  1. "Once you live in a certain place and settle there, it becomes the best place to be."
  2. Referring to his unit.
  3. A crawl is a kind of swimming stroke, further explained in this comment.
  4. He's making a pun since "holy night" is pronounced "Seiya" in japanese, so sentence he said was "Seiya ni Seiya ga Seitan"
  5. Hagoita on Wikipedia
  6. Seiya intentionally sings it with the wrong lyric: "も~、い~くつね~る~と和尚がTWO". The correct one is: "もういくつねるとお正月" (How many more times do we have to go to bed before New Year's Day?). An article about the song can be read here.
  7. In Japan, Cat Day is on 2/22 (since the 2 in japanese is pronounced as "ni" which is similar to a cat's "nya"
  8. The Doll's festival (pronounced Momo no Sekke) is held on March 3rd. Here he makes a pun since momo also means "Peach"
  9. Japanese military helmet. More info on it here
  10. Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. People who report such experiences are known as synesthetes.

Seiya Aido

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