Profile Story
(Profile Story) Seiya Aido
Seiya: I'm Seiya Aido! I'm a promising 17-year-old I-Chu!
I used to live in America so I' to say it....really...."absorbed" in Japan's culture!
But the guys around me would somehow look at me with strange eyes.
Am I saying strange things?
But, I feel like you will be able to understand me. You are my producer after all
I'm aiming for the top! That's why, Producer!
Let's aim for the top together!
Initial R/RR Japanese Kabuki ☆
Second Batch R/RR Cheering song
Initial SR/UR Scandal detected?!
Ocean SR/UR Summer is the best!
New Year SR/UR Japanese Kimono ☆
Arabian SR/UR The burning flames are of the color of jealousy
Pool SR/UR Manliness and summer of kabedon
Second Batch SR/UR Order that prohibits Seiya's hugs!
Children's Day SR/UR Japanese Samurai☆
June Bride 2017 SR/UR When the skies got cleared
Yozora ni matataku ittousei SR/UR Star's night magic
Aquarium SR/UR Aiming for the happy end
Initial LE/GR Best live
Summer Festival LE/GR It's a summer festival!
Kiss me HERO! LE/GR Kiss me hero!
FanxFunxGift LE/GR FanxFunxGift Seiya ver.
Flower Viewing LE/GR Cherry blossom's oath
Soleil GR Soleil
1st Anniversary LE/GR Solo live of the two
Creation GR Creation 01
Seiya no hoshi ni negai wo LE/GR A wish to the star of the Holy Night
X'mas 2016 LE/GR Stay by my side on the night of the falling stars
New Year Fanmeeting 2017 New Year Fanmeeting 2017 Night
Part-time Job 2017 LE/GR The hero of the town
QA LE/GR The secret of spying!
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Filling this chest with plenty of happiness
Halloween 2017 LE/GR Pumpkin Surprise
ICHU☆Kaika Sengen LE/GR Full-bloom smile! Super live
Birthday LE/GR Sleep brings up a child well
Great man LE/GR Teach me! Helping teacher