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Tell me what you're good at! My speciality is swimming! Play
Kanata I'm good with origami. If you request it I will make you one. Play
Akira Yoga. It looks like my body is limber. Do you want to try it out? Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I'm good at games! If it's arcade ones then leave it to me! Play
Mutsuki I'm good at cooking. Play
Noah I'm good at horse riding. Play
Leon I'm good at snowboarding! Play
Chaoyang I love... visiting temples. Play
Rabi I like reading. Play
Lucas I collect bottle caps a lot. Play
Torahiko Drawing pictures! Play
Kyosuke It's drawing. If it's manga then leave it to me! Play
Akio I don't know anything besides glass crafting. Play
Shiki I only know pottery. Play
Hikaru It's obviously sculpturing, but I like stage appreciation a lot too! Play
Raku Of course calligraphy. Play
Kokoro I'm good at singing and dancing! Do you want to hear my singing voice? Play
Runa Clay pigeon shooting! How about you do it as well? You can vent out your stresses with it. Play
Momosuke It's gardening! Seeing my flowers grow rapidly makes Momo happy ♪ Play
Issei Do you want to be my karate training partner? Play
Futami Ikebana. My house is a head school for it! Play
Takamichi I'm good at billiard! Well, just like how a gentleman should be. Play
Eva Do you wish to see my mad dolls? It's not ventriloquism! They're mad dolls! Play
Mio Black magic, of course! I'm trying my best for Master's sake~ Play
Ban If it's speed-eating then leave it to me! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I can do anything fundamental, including dancing and singing. I'm starting to learn Japanese dance too recently. Play
Toya It's growing decorative plants. Play
Tatsumi Rather than saying it a special skill, I actually like having a trip alone. Sometimes you just want to be alone, see? Play
Aoi Observing people. Heh... I'm also looking at you thoroughly. Play
Kuro Music appreciation. Because I am the master of song alchemy. Play
Saku Identifying the fragrant smell of Producer-chan's shampoo. Play
Baber Handicraft? Baber will make dolls. Play

Why did you become an idol? Me? Hehe, it's a secret! Play
Kanata In the past I was a child actor, and then a lot of things happened which lead to now… I guess. Play
Akira I was just a humble model but I ended up aiming higher… Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Because I want to stand out! Play
Mutsuki Because Satsuki said that he wants to become an idol… Play
Noah Idol, or rather than that, I wholeheartedly wanted to form a band, I guess. Play
Leon I was invited to the band by Noah, and before noticing it I aimed to become an idol. Play
Chaoyang I don't really… have a reason… or so... Play
Rabi I thought about playing in a band but then got scouted by the president. Play
Lucas I couldn't care less about being an idol. I'm carving my own path in life. Play
Torahiko Because president said that he'll let me do it however I wish! Play
Kyosuke I wonder if an otaku like me can become an idol… Play
Akio I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing here… it's President's fault! Play
Shiki "I got invited and felt like wanting to become one along the way" kinda feeling, I guess? Play
Hikaru Because my shine caught the president's eye! Play
Raku Because it looked like an interesting thing. Just that. Play
Kokoro Because I want to make everyone happy with my smile. Nyaa~♪ Play
Runa Because I'm trying to rebel against my family... If I answer like that, will you be surprised? Play
Momosuke It was because Kokoro-chan invited me, but I'm still not used to this appearance~ Play
Issei I'm not interested in becoming an idol. I just feel that those who stand above me are irritating. Play
Futami Hmm, it's not that I'd like to become one, but if I don't work then I won't earn... Play
Takamichi Because of the course of events... because Issei and Futami are doing it so I ended up doing it too. Play
Eva So that I can gain more followers! Haahahaha! Play
Mio Because I can be in the same group as Master! Play
Ban Just somehow, it seemed interesting and all that! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki At first, it was because I got scouted by the president, now it's for the sake of my women. Play
Toya Because I think I can be the reason for everyone to smile. Play
Tatsumi My big sis willfully applied me to the audition... Play
Aoi I was asked that often, but isn't it obvious that it's because I have confidence that I can become one? Play
Kuro I've forgotten the reason for it long ago. Play
Saku Isn’t it obvious! I wanted to be by Producer-chan’s side. Play
Baber Why did Baber become an idol?...... It's a secret you know? Play

What's your favorite thing about Japan? I like Kabuki! Play
Kanata Uhm, you know… there are a lot of mascots! Play
Akira The fact that there are four seasons, I guess. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki There's April Fool's day! Isn't that the best? Play
Mutsuki The custom of soaking in the bathtub, I guess. Play
Noah Japanese people are really polite. Play
Leon Do you know that there's a bathhouse in the shopping district? Play
Chaoyang The service trade is really polite… but it's a problem if it's too much… Play
Rabi The fact that you can walk streets at ease even at night. Play
Lucas The hot spring is a nice thing… Play
Torahiko Japan is too formal. I fly around the world seeking more freedom! Play
Kyosuke As I thought, all the manga, anime and games in Japan are great! Play
Akio There's not a lot of skinship. Play
Shiki Isn't it a place where traditions from long ago are still followed? Play
Hikaru The Japan where I was born is wonderful! Play
Raku I guess the fact that the countryside is carefree. Play
Kokoro It's the place where you're not troubled if you wear cute clothes! Play
Runa White rice, warm miso shiru. I love Japan's food cultures. Play
Momosuke Erh... because this place is quite accepting when it comes to crossdressers? Play
Issei I don't have anywhere to belong in Japan... Play
Futami I think it's because the word NEET is coined here~? Play
Takamichi I think that it has good cultures such as greetings which are done courteously. Play
Eva It might be the den of oriental witches but that doesn't mean that my authority will waver! Play
Mio It's good that it has a lot of medicinal plants~ Play
Ban That it's a normal sight to find people like us[1] roaming on streets? Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like everything about it. It's precisely in this country that I'm able to shine brighter! Play
Toya I like that it preserves the traditions from ancient times. Play
Tatsumi Erh... what? Maybe that we can eat white rice here? Play
Aoi Don't you think that Japanese clothes are beautiful? Play
Kuro There's four seasons. It's not like I hate the view... Play
Saku The producer and I are breathing the same oxygen...... *deep breaths* ...... Play
Baber I love Japan because big brother is here! Play

Notes Edit

  1. Most likely referring to his group and their outfits.

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