Cameraman: Will you be all right, Satsuki-kun? You aren’t so unstable riding those that way that you’ll fall in, or anything?
Sexy shot! 1 (1)
Satsuki: I’m totally fine like this! And anyway, I know you’re thinking that you could take a good picture if I did fall in, aren’t you?
Cameraman: Ahaha, you caught me.
Satsuki: Mwahaha! But of course I would! Er, u-wa-wah…!
Cameraman: Ah, and right after you said that, too?
Producer: (I’m glad that the shoot’s going well.)
Producer: (After our work’s done here, we’ve got some free time up until the show. …I wonder how long it’s been since I came to the beach for something other than work?)
Producer: (Maybe once this is over with, I’ll change into my swimsuit and go for a little dip!)
Sexy shot! 1 (2)
Satsuki: Producer, Producer!
Producer: Oh? That sure was fast, Satsuki-kun!
Satsuki: That’s ‘cause I just get things done so perfectly. But forget that; what do ya think about this!?
Producer: About what?
Sexy shot! 1 (3)
Satsuki: It’s obvious, isn’t it? This sexy shot of mine!
Satsuki: I think we got one that really feels like “me”, y'know? Don’t you think we could seriously go for a more sexy approach like this?
Producer: …Maybe after you tell me that you can improve on your sexiness a lot more.
Producer: I mean, if I had to call you anything right now, I’d say the way the ocean makes your hair frizz up is more cute than anything else.
Satsuki: That’s not true! I’ve got one… or two… or three sexy things about me…
Producer: Yes, yes. I can’t wait for what you’ll show us next time~ But do try to hold back, okay~
Sexy shot! 1 (4)
Satsuki: Hey, don’t start talking like that bear! It pisses me off when you joke around with your answers!
Producer: Ahaha! Sorry, sorry. I was just kidding.
Producer: By the way, Satsuki-kun. We’ve got a little bit of time after this up until the show, so do you want to go play together?
Satsuki: Play? How strange for you to be saying something like that, Producer.
Producer: Oh, come on– I hardly ever come to the beach, so I can’t help wanting to go have some fun.
Satsuki: Man, what a little kid you are~… Hey!!? What’re you stripping for!?
Producer: Eh? Well, we are at the beach, so I have my swimsuit on un–
Satsuki: Why’re you wearing a bikini!?
Producer: I told you, because I wanted to play at the beach…
Sexy shot! 1 (5)
Satsuki: Nobody’s asking for you to get all sexy!
Producer: I- I wasn’t trying to say that…
Satsuki: Well, that’s not the problem here!


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