Producer: As expected of Honoki-kun, your cooking skills are really good.
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Toya: That's not the truth. It's been quite a while since I last made sweets, so I have measured everything with attention
Producer: Ahaha, you're right, since when it comes to sweets you're prone to fail while cooking
Toya: But it helps a lot that you're good with cooking
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Toya: And because of that you could help me practice a bit before the cooking show
Producer: But I'm not that good. I just know a bit because I had to do it
Producer: And I haven't cooked sweets ever since my school years
Toya: But that doesn't change the fact that you give me strength by being here
Producer: I see...I'm glad to be of help like that
Toya: Anyways, there sure are a lot of various sweets for Valentine
Producer: Well, rather than sweets, what I saw the most until arriving here were cakes
Toya: But, cooking cute things like this with everyone seems fun
Producer: Is it ok for me to assume that you're having fun now?
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Toya: Fufu! I got found out
Producer: It makes me really glad that you're having fun. This was a job that I accepted thinking "I will surely have fun with Honoki-kun"
Toya: Yes, I'm enjoying myself a lot. You're the best producer possible, since you look at us with attention and think of us a lot
Producer: Geez, you're praising me too much now
Producer: ....Ah, shouldn't it be time for the cake to have finished?
Toya: You're right.....It's such a nice scent
Producer: The truffle and tiramisu should be finished too by now. I can't wait to try them!
Toya: Right. Ah, the baking finished
Producer: Yes, it's perfect!
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Toya: It came out pretty good. Then shall we eat it while it's still warm?
Producer: We should. Cake tastes the best when it just came out of the oven. I would definitely love to eat it warm
Toya: Then I will prepare some tea
Producer: Yes, thank you. Meanwhile I will go prepare the table
Toya: I will be counting on you for that
Producer: (...Haaa, I'm glad I managed to do it well)
Producer: (When I tried to cook that chocolate cake at home I forgot it in the oven and it got burned...)
Producer: This is the first time I will be eating Honoki-kun's cooking... I look forward to trying it~♪

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