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Producer: It's delicious!
Sharing the happiness 2 (1)
Toya: ...Yes, it really is
Producer: You don't need to fear the cooking show with such skills. And I'm sure your fans will even increase!
Toya: Fufu, you're exaggerating
Producer: I'm not exaggerating. And in particular this cake. Even though I didn't help at all it's still really delicious
Sharing the happiness 2 (2)
Toya: Isn't that because you're good at teaching? I just cooked it the way you told me to
Producer: Geez, I finally got to compliment you so don't be so modest
Sharing the happiness 2 (3)
Toya: ...I'm sorry, I know you're complimenting me but I'm not used to it
Producer: ....But I have a present for you
Toya: Hm? A present?
Producer: This. I tried a lot of times to make it good. It's chocolate
Producer: This was the only thing I could cook, so will you accept it?
Toya: Is it ok for me to take it.....?
Producer: Of course. I brought it here exactly because I wanted you to have it!
Sharing the happiness 2 (4)
Toya: That makes me happy....
Sharing the happiness 2 (5)
Toya: And you even wrapped it in such a pretty paper for me...Thank you very much!
Producer: I'm glad you liked it. If you had told me "I don't need it" I wouldn't have known what to do
Sharing the happiness 2 (6)
Toya: I would never say something so mean
Producer: I know. It was just a joke. I knew you would have been happy with it
Sharing the happiness 2 (7)
Toya: ....Is it ok to eat it now? But you've prepared such a pretty wrapping for it...
Producer: Of course it is. It was one hell of a practice, so sorry if it doesn't taste good, ok?
Toya: What are you saying
Sharing the happiness 2 (8)
Toya: I think the emotions put into it are the most important thing, so I'm really delighted by your feelings
Producer: Honoki-kun.....
Toya: Then....I will eat it now
Producer: Bon appetit
Producer: (Until now we were eating something made together....but having him eat something made by me alone, and in front of me, makes me really nervous)
Producer: ....what do you think?
Toya: It's really tasty!
Producer: I'm glad....!
Sharing the happiness 2 (9)
Toya: I wonder if it's like this because I heard that it was only for me....
Producer: Eh?
Toya: It was tastier than any sweet that I cooked today

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