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Shiki Amabe banner
Shiki Amabe
Amabe Shiki
Amabe Shiki Twitter Icon
"I’ll become an idol for your sake, so I’m counting on you, my little kitten."
Aliases Shiki
Laplace's demon
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 22
Blood Type A
Birthday November 2nd
Height 5'11" or 181 cm
Weight 61 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit ArS
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed younger Sister
Hobby Pottery
Fave Food Sea grapes
LeastFave Food Bitter Melon
• Portrayal•
CV Yachi Katsufumi
Shiki Amabe Signature
Image Gallery

Shiki Amabe (海部子規 Amabe Shiki) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, ArS, which was the fourth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Descritpion Edit

A man that gives off the frivolous atmosphere of a smooth talker. Whenever he sees a girl, he can’t not make a pass on her. He is a famous potter, and is often seen being fussed over by the people surrounding him. On the other hand, he has a side where he is thoughtful towards his friends, so he also has many male friends. He is always rejected when he tries to make a pass on the producer.

Interview Edit

  • Make a simple self-introduction.
    • I'm Shiki Amabe. I'm both a potter and an I-chu. Little kittens, do you want to turn my fate?
  • How did you become an idol?
    • You could say I got scouted. Also, the President is a regular customer who buys my pots♪
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • That Akio, ever since we met he keeps giving me glass beads as presents. I'm grateful but my hands are full now.

Personality Edit

To Be Added.

Appearance Edit

He has short green hair with long bangs. His bangs are partially tucked behind his ears while a loose piece rests between his eyes. Green eyes are framed by square black-rimmed glasses.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Do you want to turn my fate?
I came♪
Shiki Scout
File:Shiki Scout2.ogg
Idolizing I'll show you that I can shine brighter, for your sake.
Shiki Idolize
Regular Hello. I'm Shiki Amabe. You are a cute one…
Shiki Home Reg1
Little Kitten, I will become an idol for your sake so I'm counting on you.
Shiki Home Reg2
I'm doing pottery classes, but there are a lot of older males.
Shiki Home Reg3
Do you want to see me with something other than work clothes? File:Shiki Home Reg4.ogg
Oh. Cute girl spotted~
Shiki Home Reg5
I have to follow the example of Tora-chan and his freedom.
Shiki Home Reg6
I end up being kind with Kyo-chan because he looks like a cute girl.
Shiki Home Reg7
Akio feels like a younger brother. I'm in trouble if I take my eyes off him.
Shiki Home Reg8
Since Sanzenin-kun is really prideful I feel like meddling with him.
Shiki Home Reg9
Since Raku-kun is the same age as me we can do friendly talk together.
Shiki Home Reg10
Hikaru-kun is... hmm, such a regrettable kid.
Shiki Home Reg11
New Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year. Let's meet in the first dream of the year too.
Shiki Home 2Jan1
I have to pull Akio out of the kotatsu....
Shiki Home 2Jan2
February It's still cold. Let's hold hands to warm each other.
Shiki Home 2Feb1
Little kitty ♪ Do you have chocolate for me?
Shiki Home 2Feb2
March Little kitty, it became warmer so will you go on a date with me?
Shiki Home 2Mar1
If you're the Ohime-sama then I'm the Odairi-sama. [1]
Shiki Home 2Mar2
April During Spring new students join the pottery class so it becomes busy. File:Shiki Home 2Apr1.ogg
I prefer my little kitten over flowers. File:Shiki Home 2Apr2.ogg
September It finally cooled down. Working with ceramics is easier now too
Shiki Home 2Sep1
I'm drinking sake while looking at the moon with Raku-kun. Hikaru-kun is asleep at this point
Shiki Home 2Sep2
October This is a costume of a vampire....Is it alright if I take your blood, my little kitten?
Shiki Home 2Oct1
Tora-chan! My pots aren't made to put sweets inside!
Shiki Home 2Oct2
November I have some free time. Should I play some shogi with Sanzenin-kun~?
Shiki Home 2Nov1
Your shoulders become stiff once you make ceramics for a lot of hours. My little kitten, will you massage them?
Shiki Home 2Nov2
December Thank you for the wonderful memories this year. I'll be counting on you for next year too.
Shiki Home 2Dec1
Should I intrude in Raku-kun's group's year-end party this time too?
Shiki Home 2Dec2
Old Monthly Lines
January I want to get warmed up with cutie Little Kitten.
Shiki Home Jan1
I'll make you cutie Little Kitten madly in love with me this year too, alright?
Shiki Home Jan2
February I want your chocolate
Shiki Home Feb1
Of course, you're going to give that chocolate to me, right?
Shiki Home Feb2
March Is a date with me fine as a thank you gift for the chocolate?
Shiki Home Mar1
I would like to see you little kitten in one of my pottery classes
Shiki Home Mar2
April I can't say such things as lies to a girl you know?
Shiki Home Apr1
Sea Grapes are in season during spring and autumn. Producer, let's eat together
Shiki Home Apr2
May There's a lot of green in this season and I like it
Shiki Home May1
Tora-chan seems to be going on a journey again. I wanna see lots of girls from different countries
Shiki Home May2
June You're charming even when you're wet by the rain
Shiki Home Jun1-16
It's so troublesome that the clay won't dry with this humid weather
Shiki Home Jun2-16
July I want to see a girl in a yukata~ Do you want to go to a festival?
Shiki Home Jul1
Do you want to see me wearing something other than my working clothes?
Shiki Home Jul2
August Isn't the beach nice~ You get to see a lot of cute Kittens.
Shiki Home Aug1
With this level of heat, makes me don't feel like making ceramics...
Shiki Home Aug2
September I'm gonna eat Tsukimi dango with Tora-chan.
Shiki Home Sep1
Akio seemed happy with the previous successful live.
Shiki Home Sep2
October I want to wear the costume of a cool gentleman. An extremely cool one.
Shiki Home Oct1
Producer, won't you praise me?
Shiki Home Oct2
November Ceramics art is one form of art. I guess I'll present you one of my works.
Shiki Home Nov1
Of course you'll congratulate me too, right?
Shiki Home Nov2
December Do you want to spend Christmas with me?
Shiki Home Dec1
Shall I warm you up?
Shiki Home Dec2
Start Menu I-Chu!
Shiki Start Menu
Download How about we have a little chat while waiting~?
Shiki Download
Story Choose your favorite story, okay?
Shiki Story
Main Story I want you to choose a chapter.
What story do you want to start reading?
Shiki Main Story2
Love Story You can fall in love with me without having to read a love story.
Shiki Love Story1
Shall we read it together, little kitten?
Shiki Love Story2
Shop This is the shop, little kitten.
Shiki Shop
Disk Purchase It's cheaper than the vases I made.
Friend It's information about friends. I'm interested in your friendships.
Shiki Friend
Other You can do a lot of things!
During Lives
R/RR Start It's reassuring if little kitten is with me.
Shiki RRR Start
Skill Yosh! File:Shiki RRR Skill1.ogg
Turn around more.
Shiki RRR Skill2
Okay, smile~!
Shiki RRR Skill3
Clear Well then, I have to prepare for ceramic classes.
Shiki RRR Clear
Affection Gain When you were looking at me, my heart was beating really fast.
Shiki RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start I will show you my SU・PE・RB song.
Shiki SRUR Start
Skill You're my princess. File:Shiki SRUR Skill1.ogg
I'm a bothersome person.
Shiki SRUR Skill2
Anyone wants to have a kiss thrown by me?
Shiki SRUR Skill3
Clear If you faint because of my beautiful voice, then I'll be sure to nurse you.
Shiki SRUR Clear
Affection Gain I have to be kind to girls.
Shiki SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start We won't lose, understood?! File:Shiki LEGR Start.ogg
Skill Be more excited! File:Shiki LEGR Skill1.ogg
I want to dedicate this hot baiser to you. File:Shiki LEGR Skill2.ogg
I can't stop looking at you. File:Shiki LEGR Skill3.ogg
Clear Your eyes were locked on me, weren't they? File:Shiki LEGR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain When I look at you my urge to craft increases. File:Shiki LEGR AffectGain.ogg

Shiki Amabe

Shiki Amabe R (Second Batch) Shiki Amabe R Shiki Amabe SR (Second Batch) Shiki Amabe SR (Summer festival scout) Shiki Amabe SR (Reading Week Scout) Shiki Amabe SR (Pool Scout) Shiki Amabe SR (Gods of fortune Scout) Shiki Amabe SR

Shiki Amabe LE (Flower shower de shukufuku o) Shiki Amabe LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Shiki Amabe LE (Animal Teahouse Scout) Shiki Amabe LE (RPG Scout) Shiki Amabe LE (X'mas 2016 Scout) Shiki Amabe LE (Give me My Princess) Shiki Amabe LE

Profile description source


  1. Ohime-sama is the princess doll on hinamatsuri statues while the Odairi is the husband

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