Profile Story
(Profile Story) Shiki Amabe

Huh? You're someone I haven't seen around. Where have you strayed here from?
Could it be, you came here just to see me? The things you're saying are making me happy, little kitty.
And? Why did you come looking for me? Depending on your response, I'll grant your desires.
Eh? Producer? My, or more like ours? A cute girl like you?
Aha ha! So that's why you were looking for me. What's with that. I was expecting the reason to be more wonderful.
I am Shiki Amabe. I'm a member of ArS and a potter. Today too I was on the way to seeing how my kiln was doing.
If it's okay will you come with me? I want you to know more and more about me.

Initial R/RR Fateful encounter
Second Batch R/RR Give me a reward♪
Initial SR/UR Pretending to be lovers
Summer Festival SR/UR I will protect you
Reading Week SR/UR Season for snuggling up
Pool SR/UR Begging Shiki-kun
Second batch SR/UR A happening from which jealousy is born
Gods of fortune SR/UR Heart that got won
Shinsengumi SR/UR Machiya Love Story
Mugen nemuri neko denki SR/UR Wipe away your tears
Farming SR/UR Being a mediator is my speciality
Initial LE/GR I'll teach you
Flower shower de Shukufuku o LE/GR Blessing you with a flower shower
1st Anniversary LE/GR A punishment for the sinful kitty
Animal Teahouse LE/GR Wolf butler and little red riding hood
RPG LE/GR Fascinating magician
X'mas 2016 LE/GR The shape of love
Give me My Princess LE/GR Give me my princess
QA LE/GR The evangelist of love
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Putting in my love for my little kitten
Party People LE/GR How to flirt with girls!
Birthday LE/GR Anniversary Date
New Year 2018 LE/GR 108 thoughts
Miraieigo Cheers LE/GR Eternal Cheers