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Aliases Edit

Shiki Amabe's Aliases
Alias Called by
Shiki Seiya, Noah, Leon, Rabi, Lucas, Torahiko, Hikaru, Raku, Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi, Issei, Takamichi, Mio, Ban, Kokoro
Shiki-kun Kanata, Satsuki, Mutsuki, Akio, Toya, Futami
Amabe Akira
Shiki-san Chaoyang, Runa, Momosuke, Gakuto
Shikitty Kyosuke
Laplace's demon Eva

Tarot GachaEdit

Shiki's Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Shiki R Tarot
Shiki RR Tarot
Shiki SR Tarot

Misc. Facts Edit

  • Currently trying to woo the producer and failing.
  • Throws around the nickname "kitten" a lot.
  • He is in third generation.
  • His favourite animal is any kind of tropical fish.
  • His favourite flower is the ichirinsou (a small, white japanese flower.)
  • Usually he wears work clothes, but when he goes out he wears clothes that are beautiful to the eye.
  • He's respected by the iKids Gakuto Nanjo who, like him, likes hitting on girls.
  • He goes everyday after school to hit on girls
  • He considers Akio to be like a younger brother so he usually takes care of him.

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