Shino Tokioka
時岡志乃, Tokioka Shino
Shino Tokioka
The firm iKids!
"I'm Shino Tokioka! Rabi-niisan is a tall and kind guy! He always praises me!"
Age 5
Birthday April 2nd
Blood Type A
Height 113 cm
Weight 18 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Trivia knowledge
Fave Food Popcorn
LeastFave Food Raw fish
Looks up to Rabi
Group baby hop


A reliable boy. Often tells Enju to not do what he wants, believes he's not taking care enough.


Shino Tokioka N (BAD BOY! BAD DAY!) Shino Tokioka N

Character LinesEdit

I'm Shino Tokioka! Sensei praised me, saying that I'm very reliable!
My policy is to be helpful for everyone, so I'll do my best!
Rabi-niichan is very composed, totally what I'd like to be!
Enju was doing mischief again? I have to watch over him!
Haruto-san is a famous detective! I want to become his assistant!
Story You can see stories that you like!
Main Story You can see chapters that you like!
You can see your favorite tales!
Love Story Love story is still too early for me!?
P-please choose a story you like!
Shop This is the shop!
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Other You can do a lot of thing here and it's so convenient!

Affection StoryEdit

Firm person

Shino Tokioka - Firm person (1)
Shino: Enju! Geez, how far away did he run this time. Hey, Enju......!
Shino: I don't see him anywhere around here... I'm not taking care of him enough...
Shino: ... By the way, where is this place? Enju certainly ran this way, but...
Shino: Could it be that I'm lost...? No, I'm fine... I'm f-fine......
Shino: ... Wawah!? Who are you? I mean, just now I heard someone...??
Shino: No, I'm not lost. I came to search for someone who got lost. I know the way back perfectly.
Shino: Eh? That I'm searching for someone lost is admirable?
Shino: Admirable, huh. That's because I'm like an older brother to everyone.
Shino: I'm Shino Tokioka. Well then, not searching for Enju right now is not good. See you!
Shino: ... We meet again?

Telling you a secret

Shino Tokioka - Telling you a secret (1)
Shino: Today is the filming of Rabi-onii-san's TV drama.
Shino: I'm having the role of Rabi-onii-san's little brother, so I have to go too in a little bit.
Shino: Enju was incredibly jealous. "That you'll be in the TV drama alone is unfair!", he said.
Shino: However, this is a job. I'm happy and it's fun, but first of all, I have to work hard.
Shino: But I'm really looking forward to it~... Rabi-onii-san will be really cool today~
Shino Tokioka - Telling you a secret (2)
Shino: Aah, amazing! I can't believe the day I'm wearing the same costume has come...
Shino: Ah, you are wondering why I would need to wear the same for the TV drama, right?
Shino: Fufu, no matter how much you ask I won't tell you. It has something to do with the role as Rabi-onii-san of the past.
Shino: Ah, I messed up! ... This is a secret, okay?
Shino: If you watch the TV drama you will surely understand the secret of this costume.

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own I'm grateful you remembered my birthday!
Haruto I will prepare a riddle as Haruto-san’s birthday present!
Rabi It’s my beloved Rabi-onii-san’s birthday!
Producer It’s your birthday! Let us celebrate!


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