Li Chaoyang RR Affection Story 2 (1)
Chaoyang: Work's over... the breeze feels nice...
Chaoyang: (I didn't get to properly talk with teacher again. It's my fault for not looking her in the eyes though...)
Chaoyang: Seriously though, a chance to talk with her, it may really not exist...
Producer: Chaoyang-kun!
Li Chaoyang RR Affection Story 2 (2)
Chaoyang: !!
Producer: Ah, you noticed me! Hey, do you have time?
Chaoyang: I-I do
Producer: Then wait for me over there for a bit. Let's have a chat
Chaoyang: A chat...
Producer: Sorry, talking to you all of a sudden. I probably startled you
Chaoyang: Just, a little bit
Producer: I've always wanted to talk with you, but I never found the chance
Producer: "Ah, I found him!" I thought and so I called out in a loud voice
Li Chaoyang RR Affection Story 2 (3)
Chaoyang: ... I thought you, wouldn't want to ever talk to me again
Producer: Why?
Chaoyang: Lately, I've been taking on a bad attitude... I thought you started to hate me...
Producer: There's no way I would hate you. I'm your producer after all aren't I?
Chaoyang: Teacher...
Producer: What is it?
Chaoyang: I'm really sorry, for how, I've acted the other day
Producer: Chaoyang-kun...
Li Chaoyang RR Affection Story 2 (4)
Chaoyang: [Play] I'm... really shy... I'm sorry...
Chaoyang: I know it's no good, going on like this but...
Chaoyang: Gradually, I began to fear people's gazes, and then...
Producer: There's no need for you to be so flustered. Though I was a bit surprised when I realized you might have been avoiding me
Producer: I'm glad we're here together like this today
Producer: Talking with people, it's perfectly fine if you take your time to get used to it. So you know? Don't make such an uneasy face okay?
Li Chaoyang RR Affection Story 2 (5)
Chaoyang: Teacher... You're a kind person
Producer: Is that so? If you get to know me better, you might find me more on the strict side
Chaoyang: Strict, but warm. I think you're that kind of person. ... That's, the feeling I get


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