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Shyness 3 (1)
Waiter: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Producer: Ah, it looks like the ordered coffee and cake are here. Chaoyang-kun, eat without hesitation, okay? The cake here is really good.
Shyness 3 (2)
Chaoyang: Strawberry cake...
Producer: Do you dislike strawberries?
Chaoyang: No, I love them. ... Let's eat.
Producer: And? How does it taste...?
Shyness 3 (3)
Chaoyang: It's really delicious.
Producer: I'm glad. I was a little worried. After all, I don't really know anything about you yet, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: I like strawberries right after meat buns.
Producer: Ah, so you like meat buns, Chaoyang-kun. I'll remember this.
Chaoyang: What do you like, sensei-san?
Producer: Me? What I like... If I have to choose something, I'd say sweet things I guess.
Chaoyang: Sweet things...
Producer: I like cake and chocolate, but I also like manjuu.
Shyness 3 (4)
Chaoyang: Somehow that's unexpected.
Producer: Is it? What kind of image did you have of me, Chaoyang-kun?
Chaoyang: A very adult-like person. For example, you'd always drink your coffee absolutely black...
Producer: Eh...?
Chaoyang: That's why I was very surprised just now. Sensei-san, how much sugar are you going to put into that small cup?
Producer: No, this, this is...!
Shyness 3 (5)
Chaoyang: [Play] Fufu... how funny.
Chaoyang: It's been a long time since I laughed this much. Thank you very much...
Producer: You laughed...
Chaoyang: Eh?
Producer: This is the first time you laughed in front of me. Really, such a simple thing made you laugh.
Chaoyang: Ah...
Producer: Fufu, and because I'm very happy, I'll give you this strawberry. And this coffee too.
Chaoyang: Eh??
Producer: As you thought, it's awfully sweet, but it's a flavor I got used to, so drink it. How is it?
Chaoyang: ...... It's awfully sweet. But maybe it's not bad.

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