Soleil 1 (1)
Seiya: Oh, Producer! You’re in a good mood today. Did something good happen?
Producer: Ehehe, you can tell? Actually, I’ve got some really good news!
Soleil 1 (2)
Seiya: Good news…? Hah! Could it be that our album sold a million copies or something!?
Producer: A million sure would be nice! But that album’s yet to go on sale.
Soleil 1 (3)
Seiya: Oh, whaa–t? And here I thought that a million had already been reserved!
Producer: Ahaha. When you manage to sell a million, you’ll finally a be a real adult.
Seiya: Then that means we’ll just have to dream big, right? It sure would be nice to sell that many~.
Producer: I feel the same way. Still, you’ll have to work hard to promote yourselves just to get people to buy it at all, right?
Seiya: Yeah! I plan to work as hard as I can, if that means that everyone can listen to us!
Producer: Do you really understand what that means, though? Self-promotion isn’t as easy as you think it is, Aido-kun.
Seiya: Oh yeah?
Producer: For example, in order to appear on a worldwide radio show, you’d have to travel back and forth between different regions, go to lots of different stores for autograph signings, and so on.
Producer: You can’t just wait around here!
Producer: You have to make an appeal to people who still don’t know who you are. That’s marketing!
Soleil 1 (4)
Seiya: …I don’t really understand all of that difficult stuff, but…
Seiya: Does that mean that self-promotion is the same as going around to people saying “Hi there!” and “Thanks so much”?
Producer: Yeah, that’s a simple way of putting it.
Seiya: Then it’s obvious that I can do that much! I want lots of people to know who I am, after all!
Producer: …Well then, I guess it’s settled.
Seiya: Settled? Wait, what is?
Producer: I wasn’t sure who I should ask to do this, but it seems you’re a good fit for the job after all, Aido-kun.
Soleil 1 (5)
Seiya: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Producer.
Producer: Here, take this. It’s a proposal to broadcast a commercial on the radio to promote the album. It’s only three minutes long, though, which isn’t a lot of time.
Producer: Make sure that you’ve heard all of the other boys’ songs and that you’re able to talk about anything they could ask you, okay?
Producer: Since you’ll be promoting Soleil as the Aichuu representative!
Seiya: Ehh!? I’m representing everyone!? Am I really a good choice?
Producer: Yup! I’ll leave it to you, Aido-kun!
Producer: Besides, you’ll have the best of the best people there to help you, so no need to worry. ♪
Seiya: People to help me?


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