Soleil 3 (1)
Seiya: It’s almost time to go on… This is the first job I’ve had on the radio, so I’m getting a little nervous…
Seiya: Come to think of it, who was the producer talking about when she said I’d have someone really great to help me out? It doesn’t look like they’re here yet.
Kumakocho: Bonjour~ Sorry I’m late~
Seiya: The principal!? Why are you here!?
Kumakocho: Huh? Didn’t your producer tell you how this was going to work? You’ll be doing the broadcast today with me~
Seiya: Oh, was that the plan? I feel better knowing I’ll be with you, Principal!
Kumakocho: Merci~ ♪ You’re such a good boy, Seiya-kun.
Kumakocho: Okay then, let’s get started~!
Kumakocho: Oka~y, we’ve begun~. You’re here with me, Mr. Bear from the forest, and Seiya-kyun, an Aichuu. This is a plug to celebrate our CD’s release~.
Seiya: But you’re not from the forest; you’re from the Etoile Vio School, right?
Kumakocho: Aww~, it looks like a pure-hearted little boy like yourself couldn’t get my hip and happening joke!
Kumakocho: But all of that silliness aside… That CD of yours is going on sale today! Oh no~! But even so…
Kumakocho: I’m so very pleased that all of my Aichuu were able to sell an album~.
Kumakocho: But how do you feel now that the it’s been released, Seiya-kun? Do you have anything that you’d like to tell the listeners~?
Soleil 3 (2)
Seiya: We put our hearts and souls into singing these songs, so I’d like everyone to listen to them over and over again!
Kumakocho: Your songs are really wonderful, Seiya-kun~. Kanata-kun and Akira-kun were fantastic, too~.
Kumakocho: That’s because you’ve been through a lot together. It’s so lovely how you can almost feel your bond with one another in your music~.
Seiya: Yeah! That’s because Fire Fenix is the best group of all!
Kumakocho: Uh-huh. It really was a good idea to base the name for the album off of you~.
Soleil 3 (3)
Seiya: Eh!? You based it off of me?
Kumakocho: That’s right. We wanted this album to be a bright light that continued to shine on for everyone who listened to it~.
Kumakocho: So Mr. Bear named the album “Soleil”. It means “the sun” in French~.
Seiya: So that’s what it was! But is it really okay to name it after me when everybody else is involved, too?
Kumakocho: Eh? You know that everyone else knew where the concept for this album came from, don’t you?
Soleil 3 (4)
Seiya: Ehh–!!! Why am I the only person who didn’t know about it!?
Kumakocho: Mr. Bear wanted to keep it a surprise for today~ ★ Well then, Seiya-kun…
Kumakocho: Pretty please send a message to everyone who’ll be listening to the album~.
Seiya: Isn’t this kind of sudden!? Ah, the camera’s turning towards me!! Ummm~…
Soleil 3 (5)
Seiya: To everybody that bought our CD: Thanks so much!
Seiya: Allll of us, from the first generation Aichuu down to the third, have been really excited for you to listen to it!
Seiya: It’s so awesome that you can listen to songs from so many of our groups, all on one CD!
Seiya: I’ll be really happy if can you find a song on here that you like!
Seiya: But I’ll be even happier if you find that you like them all, of course!
Seiya: The principal said that he named the album “Soleil” after me, so…
Seiya: I’ll keep on singing for all of you, so that I can continue to be an Aichuu that lives up to that name!
Seiya: Like, with alllll~ I’ve got, okay? Hehe!
Seiya: Keep cheering all of us on, got it? All right, see ya later–!


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