Producer: I thought it would definitely go can I explain it to them now...
Producer: (Today was the last competition for the drama theme song)
Producer: (We did all those preparations beforehand, and the advance reviews were really good--)
Producer: Was it my fault...
Storm-blooming wanderer 1 (1)
Aoi: Producer!
Producer: !!
Aoi: You finally noticed me. Do you know how many times have I been calling you?
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun...? Why are you here....
Storm-blooming wanderer 1 (2)
Aoi: I was just wandering around the vicinity after school. I thought that maybe I would have met with you if I did
Producer: ......
Aoi: The way you were walking looked as if something heavy was dragging you down. Are you ok?...Did anything happen?
Producer: ....Nothing happened. I'm fine
Producer: (There's no way I would tell him)
Aoi: ...You don't need to hold back with me, you know?
Producer: (Aaah, this is no good at all. Don't talk so kindly to me....)
Producer: It's the truth. I'm okay
Aoi: Eh? Producer?! Why are you running away?!
Producer: (As a producer I shouldn't show such a pathetic expression...!)
Producer: (If I run until here then---)
*running sounds*
Storm-blooming wanderer 1 (3)
Aoi: Haa....haa...I finally caught you
Producer: !!
Storm-blooming wanderer 1 (4)
Aoi: You're unexpectedly a fast runner. It's been quite a while since I last ran so much....
Producer: .....
Storm-blooming wanderer 1 (5)
Aoi: Fufu. I'm happy I got to know another one of your charm points
Producer: ...Why are you patting my head?
Aoi: Because I thought you were incredible? ...And also because you looked as if you were about to cry
Producer: ....I'm- I'm not crying
Storm-blooming wanderer 1 (6)
Aoi: Jumping to conclusions isn't good though. Look, I'm talking about the sky.
Producer: (He started looking up at the sky...The tears I tried so hard to hold in started spilling...)
Aoi: It started raining. Let's go search somewhere to take shelter from the rain. Come on, look here...
Producer: (The hand that's wiping my tears is so warm. I might forget how to stop crying because of it...)

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