Storm-blooming wanderer 2 (1)
Aoi: My my, it started storming really bad. I thought we would make it in time if we went by that road though.
Producer: .....
Storm-blooming wanderer 2 (2)
Aoi: Take this towel. I haven't used it so you don't need to worry. It would be a problem if you caught a cold so be sure wipe the water off completely
Producer: O-okay....
Aoi: ...After you've calmed down let's enter the shop. We don't know for how long it will keep raining like this
Producer: (Aah, really. Kakitsubata-kun is always so kind...)
Producer: (Meanwhile compared to him I selfishly got upset and caused troubles. What am I doing....)
Producer: Hm....I'm sorry, I'm fine now. Since it's cold here shall we enter inside?
Aoi: .....Ok
Storm-blooming wanderer 2 (3)
Aoi: Thank god it's empty. I thought it would be crowded because of the sudden rain
Producer: .......Ehm, you know, Kakitsubata-kun. I have something to tell you
Aoi: ...I'm listening
Producer: It's about the theme song for that drama from long ago....I went to the last competition but, it didn't turn well
Producer: I'm really sorry for it. My strength wasn't enough and....
Storm-blooming wanderer 2 (4)
Aoi: ....So this is what you were looking so tormented about?
Producer: It was something--
Aoi: Don't make that sad expression. It wasn't your fault
Aoi: On the contrary, the cause for arriving so far but still not producing results is because our group isn't good enough, right?
Aoi: We are the ones that should apologize. We didn't manage to sing a song worth of winning
Producer: Oh no....There's nothing you should apologize for, Kakitsubata-kun....
Aoi: Our song didn't win. The responsibility is ours
Storm-blooming wanderer 2 (5)
Aoi: Of course, you're included in the "our" too
Aoi: You might have achieved something before if you feel so regretful about it
Aoi: We should have had even more talent to be able to produce results
Aoi: Both sides were lacking this time. So don't blame it all to yourself
Producer: ....You're a strong person aren't you
Aoi: That's not the truth. If you had talked about this to the other members they would have said the same thing as me
Aoi: ....Well, Tatsumi would move around confused not knowing what to do and in the end start crying like you
Producer: That can't....No, I just imagined it
Aoi: Fufu, I finally got to see your smile
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun, thank you
Aoi: You're welcome. But look at us. Next time we will definitely win. It's exactly because we tasted how it feels to lose that we will aim even higher
Aoi: And also--
Aoi: I don't want to see you sad like that ever again

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