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Storm-blooming wanderer 3 (1)
Aoi: Hello, young lady. It's dangerous to be alone in such place
Aoi: Oh, are you crying? That was thoughtless of me....But, it must be fate that we met like this
Storm-blooming wanderer 3 (2)
Aoi: Will you talk to me and tell me why you are crying?
Aoi: Well, that was thoughtless of me again. You don't need to mind me. Please keep crying until you feel better
Aoi: And when your tears will dry out, let's talk about it together
Aoi: Truth is, I've been looking at you way before calling out to you
Storm-blooming wanderer 3 (3)
Aoi: You may not know me, but I know about you
Aoi: I've looked at you always trying your best from here
Storm-blooming wanderer 3 (4)
Aoi: I won't ask what happened, I won't try to forcefully stop your tears, and I won't say anything to sadden you.
Aoi: But, you have to remember this
Aoi: Overcome those tears, and become even more beautiful and strong
Aoi: Since I'm one of those that got charmed by your shining....
Producer: Woah, that surprised me, Kakitsubata-kun
Storm-blooming wanderer 3 (5)
Aoi: Were you that surprised by my grace?
Producer: The drama scene at the live. It surprised me that you were able to say all that.
Aoi: Ahaha, I said some nice thing for being an ad-lib, right?
Producer: If you encourage people like that, everyone would end up in a daze while looking at you
Aoi: Did you end up in a daze too?
Producer: I've been on a trance because of you since long ago
Aoi: Ahaha, are you serious when saying it?
Producer: Of course I am!
Aoi: Fufu! ....Producer, have you ever thought about quitting your job?
Producer: What's this all of a sudden? ....If I said that I haven't then that might be a bit of a lie
Aoi: If being our producer is too tiring for you, you can quit at any moment, you know?
Storm-blooming wanderer 3 (6)
Aoi: This job isn't everything. There are a lot of other places where you would be able to shine
Aoi: For example, how about by my side?
Producer: ....I won't quit. I like this job that I have now, and I like the fact that I can be the one to open your futures
Aoi: Is that so? ....Then, I'll feel relieved and entrust myself to you
Storm-blooming wanderer 3 (7)
Aoi: I'll be counting on you from now on too
Producer: Leave it to me

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