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You have ideas for the wiki that you want to see implemented? Do you have suggestions on how we could make the wiki better? Anything you'd like to discuss about in regards to editing or refining pages or about the wiki organization? Then please do so in the comments!

Please feel free to leave feedback or reports about broken links or any other issues.

Projects and Roles we have for the wikiEdit

Please feel free to help out with any of the below projects! If you have any suggestions as well, let an admin know or comment in the comments here.

Wiki "roles" we need

  • Someone who will be in charge of the merchandise page
    • You'd just need to pick out the merchandise and put it on the page. You can also edit the merchandise page to your liking, if you should think it's not overseeable enough.


  • Lyrics and translations for every song.
  • Adding the stats and a few affection story screenshots to the card pages.
  • Adding 5-6 screenshots to the affection stories.
    • PLEASE: Make sure that you name the screenshots correctly. The correct way of naming them should be like this; I'll use Aoi Kakitsubata's "My aesthetic" story as an example here; "My aesthetic 1/2/3/ (1-6)". The 1/2/3 indicates which story chapter it is and the 1-6 indicates which number of screenshot per chapter it is. So the second screenshot of chapter two would be named "My aesthetic 2 (2)"
      Also, please make sure that the first screenshot per chapter is, where the I-chu first speaks. And make sure there are no screenshots where you speak or your name gets mentioned. Thank you!

Other, not so important things

  • Adding Appearance and personality descriptions to every character
  • Adding all the backgrounds to the background page.

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