Summer colored happy smile chapter 1 - 1
Seiya: Ah~! The same one again~
Kanata: Seiya! Leave it to me this time. I’ll make sure to get the thing Seiya wants!
Seiya: Kanata… You’re so… Khh, I’m so happy–!
Seiya: I’ll leave it to you, Kanata!
Kanata: Yeah, count on me!
Kanata: Akira… one coin, please!
Akira: I can’t see you wasting any more money than this…
Akira: This is your last chance, Kanata… Use it well.
Kanata: Yeah, okay. I’ll put all of mine and RabiRabi’s luck into this one coin!
Summer colored happy smile chapter 1 - 2
Seiya: Kanata… To do all that for me! Good luck, Kanata! You can do it!
Kanata: RabiRabi… Let’s do it. Ey!

Summer colored happy smile chapter 1 - 3
Seiya: I–it came out!
Akira: How is it? Is it the one you wanted?
Kanata: Thi–this is!?
Seiya: Ahh, that’s amazing Kanata! To think that you’d really get the rare gacha!
Kanata: It was the power of me and RabiRabi that did it!
Akira: Kanata really is something. So then–
Akira: What is that gacha really?
Kanata: This is the Warring States Bunny series!
Akira: Warring States … Bunny?
Summer colored happy smile chapter 1 - 4
Seiya: Yeah! Other than a bunny mascot dressed as a supreme commander there’s foot soldiers, strategists and peasants too!
Kanata: It’s a collaboration between my beloved bunnies and Seiya’s favourite Japanese things.
Akira: Ohhh. They have the weirdest things in gachas these days.
Akira: So, what Kanata got in the end was what exactly?
Kanata: Well, it’s… Ta-dah!
Kanata: It’s the phantom golden armor, there’s only one of them in the whole gacha!
Summer colored happy smile chapter 1 - 5
Seiya: Ahhh, this overflowing shiny aura! It’s the best!
Akira: (…It doesn’t look like it’s worth much but, Seiya and Kanata both look very happy so I guess it’s fine…)
Akira: But, if there’s only one of them, who will get it?
Kanata: This is a present for Seiya. I already have one from a different place.
Seiya: Yeahhh! Thank you, Kanata!
Kanata: Ehehehe, you’re welcome!


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