Summer colored happy smile chapter 2 - 1
Akira: It's fine if you both play around, but don't forget that we have a big job coming up.
Seiya: Of course! There's no way we could forget you know?
Seiya: There's no way that I would forget the highlight of August, the ocean live concert!
Akira: If I remember correctly, Seiya is really talented at swimming, right?
Seiya: Yeah! I love to swim! Haha! I want to dive into the ocean, and swim a long distance!
Akira: You sound like you just want to play......
Akira: But that's just something Seiya would do.
Seiya: Of course! But I'm not all about having fun, I'm seriously putting in effort with the live concert, you know?
Seiya: Playing around can be fun, but it'll be even more fun enjoying ourselves together with our fans!
Kanata: ..................
Seiya & Akira: Ahh!
Seiya: (Oh wait, Kanata has severe stranger anxiety, so he might get cold feet if he hears it's a live concert...)
Akira: (Kanata might be nervous...... If I don't follow up right here......)
Seiya: H-Hey Kanata? It might be a big live concert, but we'll be right by your side, so rely on us all you want, okay?
Akira: You might be nervous, but this concert will turn out well as long as we all put our strengths together.
Kanata: ...Yeah! I'm really looking forward to the concert! Hey, RabiRabi thinks so too, right?
Seiya & Akira: What?
Kanata: Hmm? Why are you two so surprised?
Seiya: Not really...... It's just that, didn't you get so nervous before, that your shoulders would seize up?
Kanata: Ah...... Tee-hee. If I was who I used to be, that probably would be true.
Akira: It seems that Kanata has matured a little. Lately, it seems your singing has improved too.
Seiya: Ah! I thought the same thing! Did you get the hang of it?
Kanata: It's a secret!
Summer colored happy smile chapter 2 - 2
Seiya: What?! That makes me curious!
Kanata: Tee-hee. The truth is--
Kanata: Wait, it's this time already? There's somewhere I need to go, so I'm leaving now.
Kanata: Seiya, Akira-kun, see you tomorrow ♪
Seiya: Y-Yeah...
Akira: ......Be careful heading home.
Seiya: ............
Seiya: Hey, Akira. About Kanata, doesn't it seem like he's changed a little lately, or is it just me?
Akira: No. I was thinking the same thing.
Seiya: I know, right? His singing has conspicuously improved lately, to the point where I feel he's even with us now.......
Akira: ......I'm curious about his behaviour earlier.
Seiya: I know right. He's definitely hiding something from us.....
Akira: Right. When it comes to about this time of the day, he often says that he has something to do and leaves....
Akira: I'm worried about him, but it's somewhat difficult to ask about since it's about his private time.
Seiya: .......Well then, it's decided!
Summer colored happy smile chapter 2 - 3
Seiya: Let's follow Kanata!
Akira: What are you saying, Seiya?
Seiya: But if we leave it like this, we'll worry and be depressed, right? It'll be hard to concentrate on the ocean concert like this
Seiya: At times like this, you just do it! Let's go!
Akira: Haa. At times like this, it would be my duty to stop Seiya's reckless behavior.
Akira: (Well, I'm interested in this too, so I'm sorry Kanata, but I'm going to go along with Seiya.....)
Summer colored happy smile chapter 2 - 4
Akira: Oh, may I get the bill please?


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