Summer colored happy smile chapter 3 - 1
Kanata: Hm hm hmm ♪
Kanata: ..........
Kanata: *glances around*
Kanata: This is strange~. I've been feeling someone's gaze on me for some time now....
Kanata: You think so too right, RabiRabi?
Seiya: That was close~. Kanata has a really good intuition...
Akira: Seiya. Let's follow him at more of a distance. I understand your impatience, but it's the end if he finds us.
Seiya: Yeah. I'll be more careful. Look, Kanata's moving!
Akira: Yes. This direction, isn't it to--
Summer colored happy smile chapter 3 - 2
Akira: As I thought, it's Etoile Vio School....
Seiya: What's Kanata doing back at the school?
Akira: I don't know... It looks like Kanata's heading to the music classroom.
Seiya: Yeah. Let's go to the music classroom!
??? Now then, Minato-kun. Try singing this part.
Kanata: Okay!
Seiya: Hey, I can hear Kanata's voice.
Akira: Yes. Could it be that the person he's with is Sensei?
Kanata: La~ La la~
Producer: ....Good. Minato-kun, you have really improved a lot.
Summer colored happy smile chapter 3 - 3
Kanata: Tee-hee. It's because Sensei-san is good at teaching.
Producer: That's not it. There's no mistake that this is Minato-kun's true ability, so be more confident in yourself.
Kanata: .....Okay!
Producer: Kanata-kun. It's great of your eagerness to take singing lessons from me, but shouldn't you take a break?
Kanata: A break?
Kanata: It's true that taking a break is important too, but I'm still okay to continue!
Kanata: Especially since both Seiya and Akira-kun praised me, I want to stand on the stage with my singing closer to their level.
Kanata: That's why I think that this isn't the time to take a break yet!
Summer colored happy smile chapter 3 - 4
Kanata: I don't want to hold Seiya and Akira-kun back. I want to stand on the stage with them as equals...
Seiya: That guy! We need to make it clear to him that we don't think of him like that at all!
Akira: ....Wait, Seiya.
Seiya: Why are you stopping me, Akira!
Akira: Kanata is still trying to say something else....
Seiya: !!


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