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Summer colored happy smile chapter 4 - 1
Kanata: "There's no way we would think of you like that!"
Kanata: what Seiya would say as he gets mad at me.
Producer: You are right. I think he would definitely be mad.
Kanata: Yeah. But I think I'll end up whining in front of Seiya and Akira-kun if I stayed as I was without improving myself.
Kanata: That's why I'll become as good as Seiya and Akira-kun by practicing secretly! So, Sensei-san....
Summer colored happy smile chapter 4 - 2
Kanata This will stay a secret between Sensei-san and me, okay?
Producer: Alright.... I understand. Then would you like to practice a little more?
Kanata: Okay! Alrighty! Let's do our best together RabiRabi!
Seiya: Kanata....!
Akira: Haha. That's typical of Kanata.
Seiya: Damn it! Kanataaaa!!
Akira: Wait, Seiya!
Seiya: Kanataaa!!
Akira: Hey! Seiya!
Producer: Aido-kun? And Mitsurugi-kun as well?
Kanata: W-What!? Seiya and Akira-kun? What are you doing here?
Seiya: You idiot! Don't practice in secret!
Seiya: Drag us into it and let's practice together! Aren't we your important band members?!
Kanata: Ah!?
Seiya: You should rely on us more. It's fine if you whine at us!
Kanata: Seiya....
Summer colored happy smile chapter 4 - 3
Akira: It's good of you to practice, but it makes me feel a little lonely when you don't come to us for advice at all.
Kanata: Akira-kun.....
Producer: Minato-kun. We'll end practice here for today.
Producer: As Aido-kun and Mitsurugi-kun have said, it's fine to complain. That's what your friends are for, right?
Kanata: Sensei-san.....!
Producer: If you are this considerate towards each other, then it seems that your next concert should turn out fine!
Akira: You definitely raised the bar for us.....
Summer colored happy smile chapter 4 - 4
Seiya: It's fine even if she raises the bar! We can definitely overcome anything with our teamwork!
Kanata: Yeah! It's just as Seiya says! Our teamwork is the best in the world!
Producer: Well then, do your best leading up to your next concert!
Seiya & Kanata &




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