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Summer colored happy smile chapter 5 - 1
Kanata: It's finally the day of the concert~. I wonder if I'll sing well today....
Kanata: No no! Thinking like this is a bad habit of mine! Let's sing the absolute best we have up to now, okay RabiRabi!
Kanata: Hm? Are those the iKids over there?
Hayama Enju: Adam! There's a crab over there!
Adam Miller: Really!? Adam wants to go see it together~!
Tori Akari: En-chan, Dam-chan. Wait for me~
Tori Akari: Wha-!?
Tori Akari: *sniff* ....I don't like it when you leave Aka-chan behind!
Kanata: Akari-chan, are you okay?
Tori Akari: *sob* .... Kanata-chan?
Summer colored happy smile chapter 5 - 2
Kanata: Did you trip? Pain, pain go away!
Tori Akari: The pain flew away?
Kanata: Yeah! It flew away somewhere! Now we can dance and spin even better than before!
Tori Akari: Kanata-chan is amazing~! Aka-chan is going to dance and dance and dance!
Kanata: RabiRabi says he's cheering you on!
Tori Akari: Okay! Aka-chan is doing his best!
Kanata: Yeah! Let's do our best and have fun dancing today!
Adam Miller: Akari! Hurry up and come over here!
Hayama Enju: We found a huge crab!
Tori Akari: Okayy! Okay then, Kanata-chan! See you later~
Kanata: See you later!
Kanata: .........
Kanata: (They remind me of Seiya and Akira-kun and me.)
??? Kanataaa!
Summer colored happy smile chapter 5 - 3
Kanata: W-Wha-!? Seiya?
Seiya: Hehe! Why are you spacing out? Aren't you excited for today's concert?
Akira: Seiya. Kanata was surprised by you, you know?
Seiya: Really?
Kanata: No! I'm happy that Seiya and Akira-kun came to find me!
Kanata: Seiya, Akira-kun. I'm really looking forward to the concert today.
Kanata: So I'll do my best today so I can lead Seiya and Akira-kun!
Seiya: Heh! Looks like Kanata's going to lead up today, Akira!
Akira: Haha. I'm looking forward to that.
Kanata: Yeah! Look forward to it! With RabiRabi and my dancing we're going to get everyone excited ♪
Tori Akari: Kanata-chan! It's time to change clothes~!
Kanata: Wow! It's already that time? Thank you for telling me, Akari-chan!
Kanata: Okay then, I'll definitely show everyone my amazing side after this~!
Summer colored happy smile chapter 5 - 4
Kanata: Everyonee! Thank you for coming to F∞F's concert today!
Kanata: RabiRabi is also very happy! Right, RabiRabi?
Kanata: Tee-hee. Even if today's a hot summer day, we'll sing you a song that will make you lively!
Kanata: Smile and dance with me to the point that it blows all the heat away!
Kanata: The image of my matured self will be seared into your memory ♪ Now then, let's start the music!


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