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Summer art 1 (1)
Torahiko: Heyyy, Producer.
Producer: Ah, Kusakabe-kun. Are they done with the shoot over there?
Torahiko: Yeah, I was the last one. They told me that we’re all done for the day.
Producer: Got it. Then it seems like all that’s left is to wait for the show to start, huh?
Producer: You did a good job today, too, Kusakabe-kun. You can feel free to do whatever you’d like after. And of course it’s all right for you to paint.
Torahiko: Gotcha–!
Producer: But! Just make sure you’re not out too late.
Producer: Once you get absorbed in your work, mister, you don’t very readily come back.
Torahiko: …You still got work to do, Producer?
Producer: Nope. I’ve finally got a break, too. Since we’re at the beach of all places, I’ve got to enjoy myself a little bit.
Torahiko: Well, if you say you’re gonna enjoy yourself, then you’re definitely taking off that suit, aren’t ya?
Producer: ...Eh?
Summer art 1 (2)
Torahiko: You’re the only one weird enough to be wearing a suit at the beach. You know that?
Torahiko: Even the cameraman, the stylist, and all of the show staff are wearing casual clothes today, right?
Producer: I am kind of the producer, after all—
Torahiko: Well, that’s no good! You’ve gotta wear something less fancy once in a while, too, and enjoy being out in the open!
Summer art 1 (3)
Torahiko: Actually, we lovely members of ArS have prepared a present for you, knowing you’re like that.
Producer: A present?
Torahiko: Rejoice, ‘cause it’s a swimsuit!
Producer: A- A swimsuit!?
Torahiko: All of us picked out one for you in our spare time. You’ll wear it, of course, won’t you?
Producer: B-But...
Summer art 1 (4)
Torahiko: Producer. Wearing a suit at the beach in the summertime isn’t artistic at all. But wearing what’s most appropriate for this kind of place definitely is.
Torahiko: And no matter how you think about it, a swimsuit is the best fit for the beach, right?
Producer: …Fine, I get it. Your enthusiasm has beated me.
Producer: How… is it?
Summer art 1 (5)
Torahiko: Your body is definitely its own form of art, too… Yup.
Producer: What does that mean?
Torahiko: It means just what I said, doesn’t it?
Producer: (I don’t really feel like he just complimented me in a good way, though…)
Producer: …Okay, I’m gonna lose some weight.
Torahiko: Did you say something?
Producer: A-Ahh, it's nothing really


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