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Producer: If it’s come to this, then I shouldn’t have eaten so much at lunch…
Torahiko: Producer, haven’t you been muttering to yourself about something for a while now?
Producer: Eh? N-No! It’s nothing!
Torahiko: ? Well, if it’s really nothing, that’s fine, I guess.
Producer: …By the way, what have you been doing, Kusakabe-kun?
Torahiko: This? I’m using body paint!
Producer: Body paint?
Torahiko: You’ve never seen it before? You can paint pictures like this right on your skin with it.
Producer: I’ve heard of it before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in person.
Torahiko: …You have a really beautiful back, Producer.
Producer: Eh…?
Torahiko: It looks like I can draw a great picture on it.
Producer: …A picture?
Torahiko: Come on, go lie down over there. I’m gonna give your back an artistic touch.
Producer: Kusakabe-kun, did you by any chance give me this swimsuit just so I could be your replacement canvas…?
Torahiko: Hey, Shiki was the one who wanted to see you in a swimsuit, y'know?
Producer: I’d wondered if that was the case, but…
Torahiko: Well, I’m pretty lucky to be able to see you in it, too!
Producer: Eh?
Torahiko: Come on, don’t worry about it. Just hurry up and lie down.
Producer: O-Okay. But it’d be a waste if you draw something and then I go into the ocean…
Torahiko: No need to worry. This is specially made to make drawings that won’t wash away in the water.
Torahiko: Come on, I’m beggin’ you. I’ll make you prettier than anybody else. Let me draw something.
Producer: …You’ll be sure to make it pretty? You don’t need to make it as dynamic as you usually paint things, okay?
Torahiko: Yup! I gotcha!
Torahiko: I’ll definitely draw something that you’ll like. You just leave everything to me.


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